Thursday, September 29, 2016

Baofeng DM-5R: Tier II Upgrade Option

After being given some choices by Radioddity, Peter chose to get the Tier II version of the DM-5R:
"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your reply. We'll then transfer your order to a DM-5R with upgraded software Tier II (no additional price). And we'll ship your radio once we get it in stock (probably in late October). Thank you again for your patience.

If you have other questions, pls feel free to contact :)
Interesting that they mention "upgraded software."


  1. With technology today, really the only difference between a TierII radio (TDMA) and TierI (FDMA) radio is the software.

    1. The interesting part to me was the $10 charge for a software change to upgrade to Tier II.

    2. @Peter Shaw

      Tier 1 does not mean FDMA...

      Tier 1 = Simplex Only ( MS to MS ) ( Licence free with other requirements see FCC/Ofcom for use )
      Tier 2 = Simplex and Repeater ( Licensed users only )
      Tier 3 = Simplex, Repeater and Trunking ( Again Licensed used only )

    3. Also,

      FDMA ( dPMR ) uses 6.25khz bandwidth only while TDMA ( DMR ) uses 12.5khz each slot uses about 6.25khz to allow 2 slots in 12.5khz ( The exactly bandwidth for TDMA slots is not really 6.25khz unlike FDMA which is true 6.25khz ) even if one slot is only being uses the signal bandwidth still covers 12.5khz and so analogue users will hear the "Drilling" noise on the frequency.

  2. Found this. Tier I freeware? TierII needs licensing from Motorola maybe?

  3. If you have any questions, don't ask Radioddity, because they won't answer them.

  4. Example of DMR tier 1 radios may be found here -

  5. Is there any way to upgrade baofeng dm 5r to level 2 for free?