Monday, February 20, 2017

Linc Smartphone Walkie Talkie

So I'm still not sold on buying an add-on radio for a smartphone that I'm going to replace every couple of years, but I have to admit the Linc solution is pretty cool. It does FRS/GMRS, but what makes it interesting is the amateur radio options:
Linc Smart Walkie Talkie is also great for Amateur radio operators! Unlock the dual band (2m & 70cm) feature with your verified callsign and gain access to APRS tracking and Packet Radio capabilities. Linc can join your existing gear and help make some fun projects!
  • Packet Radio
  • Repeaters
  • RoIP Repeaters
  • Beacons
  • Tracking devices (APRS)
  • High altitude ballooning
  • Long range mesh networks
  • Scanning public safety frequencies
  • Weather stations
  • And much more!
Linc Smart Walkie Talkie operates on 2m & 70 cm band!

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