Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Connect Systems: CS108G X108G

Connect Systems has the CS108G for $349:
"As you probably know by now, the CS108G is the X108G with slightly different firmware. The hardware is identical. 
Because of non support from Xiegu, we are discontinuing the CS108G Radio and selling at our cost. The radios seem to work fine in CW and AM mode but have problems in SSB mode. Some radios work fine but the majority of radios do not. The problems in the SSB mode is as follows: 
1. Spike in the transmitter when PTT first pressed in SSB mode which last 1-2 seconds
2. Continous carrier in SSB mode even when not speaking...3. Hum even when speaking in SSB mode. 
From what other people have confirmed on this site, these problems have been known for a long time but have never been resolved.
Call our office at 818 889 0503 if you want to purchase these radios as is. We will not warranty these radios at these prices."

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