Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Baojie BJ-218 Software

In the comments on the original Baojie BJ-218 2M/440 Mini Mobile post, some folks were looking the programming software. Someone posted the link to the Baojie downloads page that includes the software.

It also looks like you can use CHIRP:
Yes, the BJ-218 works with the Luiton LT-725UV CHIRP driver as well as the factory software. I have one of each, an LT-725UV and a BJ-218, factory software and files are interchangeable, and I was able to write my LT-725UV CHIRP .img file into the BJ-218 without issue. My only question is when will the LT-725UV driver go from 90% to 100% and leave the Beta stage?


  1. i use chirp but i got an error ,tried also luitun 725uv error still

  2. I tried the download page, and it does not work. Just goes to a white page. No prompts. No files, nothing. I tried every file link, tried 3 computers and 3 browsers, made no difference

  3. Bonjour, J'utilise Chirp et cela fonctionne très bien ! Il est important de télécharger en premier lieu le driver du câble de programmation CH340 valable pour le câble fourni par Baojie.
    J'ai un souci avec mon BJ 218, le ventilateur arrière ne fonctionne pas, quelqu'un peut il ne dire pourquoi ? Avez vous le même souci ? Le ventilateur en direct fonctionne sous 12 v ! Ou se trouve le problème ? Merci !