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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Death to Inefficieny

Death to independent bookstores. (Amazon)
Death to publishers. (Amazon)
Death to publishers again. (Apple)

Death to inefficiencies.

Form Factor and Integration

We want to do more and more with our personal computing devices - smart phones, GPS watches, tablets, etc. We've seen new smart phones get larger, so that we can have bigger screens. The GPS watches are not exactly tiny. Tablets come in a variety of sizes, too.

I think this really is the future - wearable computing. The key will be the integration of these devices in a personal area network (PAN). I'm sure the internal electronics will continue to get smaller, but if the devices can leverage each other, so there isn't so much redundancy, there is a real opportunity do more with less.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"We Need a Battery Miracle"

I agree... Bill discusses why we need better batteries to leverage green energy sources. I just imagine the things we could do with more powerful, longer lasting batteries coupled with smart phones, tablets, GPS, wireless, etc.