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Monday, April 6, 2015

Bunnie Related Tweets

Nothing to do with Easter...
"For example, throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium, programmers were encouraged to abandon hand-optimized assembly language in favor of cramming in more features using ever higher-level languages. Snappy performance, if it wasn’t there on release day, would come soon enough with the next generation of CPUs."

chumby was a former project of Bunnie's. I have a chumby One and used it for awhile, but it was never the smart desk clock on steroids that I thought it would be.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Homebrew Uniden Scanner Enhancement

"Richk107 and myself have come up with another great hardware design. It will fill the gap for a needed piece of hardware left out in all Uniden scanners.

We all know our past endeavor called "Uniden homebrew remote head" was a real success and without Rich it would not be possible.

This new device will be totally open source. The schematics, The code & all the needed hardware will all be posted here. This new hardware design will cost you no more then $20-$25 depending on how your source your parts which i will also list. 
Hopefully Uniden will wake up and start adding this to all of its future radios...Stay tuned"

Monday, February 9, 2015

HT of the Future

HT of the Future at Orlando:
"On February 14, Bruce Perens K6BP will be demonstrating the handheld transceiver of the future at the Orlando Hamcation.

He will be speaking on Saturday, Feb. 14 from 12:30 to 1:30 in the "Lakeside Pavilion with Hamcation Inflatable Portable Shelters (HIPS)". 
Bruce will demonstrate the current Whitebox Bravo board, and will show and discuss the PCB 3D renderings and schematics of the Whitebox Charley (third generation) which is about to go to a prototype manufacturing run. He hopes to sell this version."
At github:
"A cross between a smart phone and a software defined radio with an Open Hardware & Software license. Built to set the Internet FREE from it's bondage to wires."
Via reddit

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Despite my current condition of chronic non-employment, I may be in the market for a new laptop. It is kind of a cobbler's children with no shoes situation. The battery doesn't last very long, but I could replace it. However, the laptop occasionally shuts down completely - just a power off. That is probably a loose latch for the battery which I have fixed I think. A couple of times a month, Windows just freezes. And the newest problem; max volume is just above a whisper. None of these items would push me over the edge, but I see them as symptoms of age on this thing. If I do discover I need to buy a new one, I probably won't go with the Novena despite the hacker cred it would give me.
"A new open-hardware computing platform, flexible and powerful, designed for use as a desktop, laptop, or standalone board. 
Novena is a 1.2GHz, Freescale quad-core ARM architecture computer closely coupled with a Xilinx FPGA. It's designed for users who care about open source, and/or want to modify and extend their hardware: all the documentation for the PCBs is open and free to download, the entire OS is buildable from source, and it comes with a variety of features that facilitate rapid prototyping."