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Monday, January 26, 2015

BaofengTech: BF-F8HP and UV-82C

So I am a bad, bad blogger... the very kind folks at BaofengTech sent me a BF-F8HP and two UV-82 models (including one in camo) radios to test. That was before Christmas. I did an unboxing post, but have only used the radios sparingly.

I don't have a bench (much less all the technical knowledge) like Hans, but I did want to do some subjective testing: How do they sound? Can I tell any difference with the extra power? How's battery life? What's my impression of the selectivity? Etc.

So this is post is my kick in the rear end to get going on this again. In addition to any information you might get from my posts, there is another reason to encourage me to get to work... BaofengTech has been generous enough to allow me to give the radios away when I finish my testing. (And yes, I'm sneaking this juicy bit here at the end of the post to see if anyone is paying attention.) Details coming as I do the testing!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Baofeng UV-82: Dual PTT

Lots of discussion popping up on the UV-5R Yahoo Group... and there is this tidbit:

It has a dual PTT, so you can transmit on A by pressing on the top of the PTT button or on B by pressing the bottom.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Baofeng GT-3: Best of Comments

Pulling some good info out the comments left on various posts...

I have had my GT3 for 3 weeks now. I'm very pleased with it, The new hardware inside is different. It seems a bit quieter and more stable, than other models I have purchased from Baofeng, and the audio volume is comparable to the UV-82. The software features are similar to previous Baofeng radios. It is easy to manually program. There is no "free" Baofeng software for this GT-3 model yet. Chirp does not have it yet either. I chose RT Systems programming software, which make it very easy to program. I have used it on a local repeater systems here. And changing repeaters is a simple process. The screen has a black background, and is very easy to program by computer. Transmitting is clear, and other contacts have said the audio is crisp, and quite running at 5 watts. I have used the radio for simplex operation, and clarity of voice on flat open terrain is exceptional for 2 - 4 miles. Repeater operation is solid also. I also like the Baofeng UV82. In addition I have a ICOM ID 51 D-Star radio, but find myself on the Baofeng's most of the time for general use. Also because I cannot use a earmic on the ICOM radio without an adapter. Overall I'm very pleased with this Baofeng GT-3. Top items that make this radio very worth while:
1. Light weight, (Due to the closed cell plastic)
2. Compact size (Even the rubber antenna is small, but does not compromise on gain).
3. Improved hardware exceeds previous models.
4. Unique look compared to other Baofeng radios.
5, Better hardware and performance for 2014.
The Chinese seem to be listening to their american customer pool.

Mike (website):
Brick i just got mine today, Cant go wrong with it. 
The squelch works now.
Audio sounds much tighter now on the RX at any volume
The radio is more sensitive (at least to me it is)
I can see the screen in very low light when the backlight is not on
The feel of the radio is nice.
The light is much brighter 
The stock antenna is still junk.
I don't like the rubber around the main knob
Hopefully the silk screening on the keypad does not wear off like the other models do.

Friday, July 5, 2013