Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rock the Monster Hunters Vote

Larry is having a patch contest for inclusion in his next Monster Hunters International book. See all the entries here.

Might I suggest the patch for the East Tennessee chapter of MHI? How about I demand you vote for ETMHI? (Just testing boundaries.)

I saw the patch and knew it had to be someone from around these parts. Turns out, I was right... Linoge of the Walls of the City. So go vote... here!


  1. If you want to get up an order,let me know. I have a few people that might be interested.


  2. Thanks for the support, Brick.

    And, Slim, I am actually getting a run of about 50 patches made up. If you or Brick want any of them, drop me a line (see the Contact Us tab at the top of my site).