Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Ed Drops A Bomb!

Wow! Wow. Just wow. I got the following e-mail from Ed:

Dear Customer,
Here is the latest news on Chinese dual-band mobile radios.
Wouxun Dual Band Mobile  -  KG-UV920R
On June 21 I was informed that Wouxun would supply a small number of these radios to selected dealers (max of 10).  At that time they also quoted a dealer costs that I thought was outrageous.  The dealer costs was almost what I have always considered the retail price would be.  In an email I told them sternly that with any dealer markup at all, the radio would not sell in the US and I would decline to purchase samples.
Wouxun response was that when full production began, the dealer costs would be lower.  Since I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars building a market for this company over the past few years, I decided I would not let others bring this radio to market before I did.  I reluctantly placed an order for 10 radios, figuring I would sell them at costs, to get them to market.
After my order was shipped, Wouxun informed me that these sample radios must NOT be sold for less than $320-$330.  They went on to say "If we found you or your dealer's end price was lower this range without our permission in advance, then we will stop supplying this model to you."
For the past two years, I've repeatedly told Wouxun that this radio must sell for no more than $250-$275 for it to be competitive with the big three Japanese companies.  It appears this advice has fallen on deaf ears.
These pre-production radios lack some of the features the full-production radios will have.  These will not be FCC Certified for Part 90 use.  They will have narrow band capability but will not have the 2.5 kHz tuning step required for Part 90 radios beginning in 2013.  The frequency range will be RX:136-174 & 350-480 and TX: 136-174 & 400-480.  They did not indicate if any wide-band receive, such as 118 MHz AM, would be available on these pre-production models.
Although these radios may lack some of the bells and whistles we've expected, I imagine they will still be good dual band radios for the ham market.  BUT, I still don't feel they are worth $325.
Wouxun says I can't sell these for less than $325.  They did not say that I can not include a FREE HT with the purchase.  (Rest assured, they will raise holy crap about it, but I'm used to that)  So here's my plan.  I will place the limited number I have on sale for $350 and include a free KG-UV2D HT in the deal.  I'll profit nothing at this but we'll see what happens.
Anytone Dual Band Mobile  -  AT-588UV
For the past two years, I have consulted with Anytone as they developed their dual band mobile radio.  Anytone send a non-working model of the radio for me to show at the Dayton Hamvention (Wouxun would not send anything).  Anytone is now sending a working model (for free!) and says full production will begin in early August.  Anytone has quoted a price that lets me know this radio will retail in the $250-$275 range.  It will be Part 90 Certified and will have some wide-band receive ranges, including AM aircraft.  I look forward to working with this company and expect their mobile to be a big seller.
TYT Quad Band Mobile  -  TH-9800
This radio covers 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 (only FM mode).  TYT sent a semi-working model for me to show at Dayton.  It would light up with menus working and etc.  Those who played with the display said it is a clone of the Yaesu FT-8900.  I have a close contact at TYT and am told they are working hard to get this radio into production in October.
I will continue to do my best to bring quality made Chinese radios to the US market and will only send these emails when necessary.
This particular email is going to about 5,000 people so please don't expect a quick response if you send me a question.
Ed Griffin
Wouxun.US  &  Import Communications

My shooting from the hip response... Ed is fed up enough with Wouxun that he is will to stress the relationship, but he's not done that without a Plan B (name change to Import Communications, Baofeng, Anytone, TYT). It also makes me think that Wouxun may have done us a great service by leading the way, but they may price themselves out of the low cost market - then they will be competing with the big boys on performance and quality. I'm sure the message board will be hopping tonight. I'm going to bed, but there will be interesting reading in the morning I am sure! I'm gonna have to read up on the AT-588UV, too.


  1. From the Baofeng UV-6R group:

    Wouxun is pronounced: Woah. Like what you say to a horse to stop it. Shun: As in what you do if you ignore someone (x is pronounced sh). 2 syllables Woah- shun.

    k7joe/by1, Beijing China

    This makes sense now. Stop, Wouxun Horse! From now on we're ignoring you.


  2. When Chinese manufacturers insist on price-fixing, it's time to stop buying their radios.

  3. These Chinese radios are good but I don't think they've been around long enough to go head-to-head with the "big 3" radio manufacturers. Given a choice between similarly equipped radios at almost identical prices I can assure you most hams will choose the more well-known brand name.

    1. Right - the one difference they had was price. If there is no difference, why roll the dice? Stick with tried and true.

    2. The difference would be that most radios that are field programmable don't seem to carry the part 90 certification so they can only be used for amateur operations. the wouxun has more uses than the other mobile radios I've seen.

  4. Puxing has recently released the PX-888K, which is a full power, full featured Dual Band radio, that has been Part 90 fcc type accepted. This radio sells for about $85. I got a pair from a USA seller. This radio has all the features of the wouxuns, including custom power on messages... PLUS an msk/5tone/dtmf encoder and decoder, stuff the wouxuns do NOT have..

    Wouxun has *increased* their prices. Their uv6p goes for $160+, which is up $50 or so from the 1p.

    Wouxun has serious competition now that the Chinese manufacturers finally decided to get fcc approval. TYT comes out with a new radio every other day now :)

    It is too bad Wouxun is dictating terms to Ed and other sellers who put them on the map. These same sellers can wipe them off the map by going to the competitors for their products.

    73 John

  5. I've been trying to get my contact over at TYT to give me their 'shippable data.' BTW the TH-9800 has been added to their Mobile products page for a few weeks, but none of the info headings link, or brings up any text. You can click the order button and get their generic order page.

    I have ordered their 220 Mhz mobile direct using that generic form, as-well-as the the 2m/220 version of their TH-UVF9, which unfortunately only makes around 3 watts on the U.S.' 220 band (not listed in its spec'ed range but that was similar to the mobile 220 rig). I did use one of our Aeroflex IFRs that is marked 'for relative measurement only' so it hasn't been cal'ed in years.

    In my emailing it was indicated to me that they haven't gotten cross-band repeat to work, maybe one of the hold ups.

  6. KG-UV920R is selling around ¥1800 RMB /$287 in China.
    If Ed sold KG-UV920R for $250- $275, there is no reason for Wouxun to exporting to US.
    KG-UV2D in China is around ¥550 RMB/$88.
    If Ed sold KG-UV920R and KG-UV2D for $350, they will be cheaper than them in China.
    I do not think that will happen.

  7. Comment --- comment --- comment and then they fall silent. Only comment when it's a 'complaint', huh? Smart money says the 'complainers' have a minimum of one and probably two or more of these radios running. In the shack - in the car - on the bike - they ARE running one of 'em!

    OK now .... ED's got it well in hand. He's got a plan and it's a good one. Now - as for you guys who claim you'll avoid 'em ..... think of another fantasy. You'll have 'em and just not tell the world! It's easy to buy on at the reasonable $280.00 retail price and tell the worls it's one of "the big three". Ya' ain't foolin' anyone.