Thursday, August 2, 2012


Forget 9mm vs .40 or .45.

Forget AR vs. AK.

Forget Glock vs M&P.

Forget 1911 vs. whatever.

Forget revolvers vs. semi-auto.

I'm getting a cannon.

Via SayUncle


  1. LOL! And we can't even have an air rifle if it looks too real...

    1. This is what happens if you try to take our air rifle...

  2. Here an assault team would kick in your door, and put you in jail while they turn your home upside down. Yes, for an air rifle!

    The law here is silly. You may own an air gun powerful enough to shoot through a brick wall, as long as the thing doesn't resemble a real gun. In other words: it should look silly.

    When you have a plastic toy pistol which looks like an M9 Beretta, you will be treated and judged the same as a criminal caught with the real deal.

    Wanna protect your home, wife and kids? Buy a dog, or a few razor-sharp Japanese swords. Yes, we can have those.