Friday, March 29, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Availability and Pricing

Ed of Import Communications passed along this update on the X1M.
"Import Communications has sealed the deal to be the only distributor for this company for North America. Twelve radios are on the way and 100 have been ordered for May 1 delivery. Orders for these will be accepted on my web site this weekend, as I find time to get the information posted. The factory suggest a retail price of $329. The introductory price for the first 100 will be $299 with free shipping."
Also, Ed is investigating an option for a tuner/battery pack unit for use with the X1M - much like the old Index Labs QRP Companion.

Ed also clarified that BG8HT (that I discussed here) is one of the designers of the Xiegu radios.

And before I could finish the post I see that Ed has started updating his site for the Xiegu radios.

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