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Monday, August 4, 2014

Xiegu X108: In the Wild

"Verify machines are sent out, waiting for feedback friends. 
Today is relatively free, I would say some of the X108 is the development of things.
This year in March, when talking with friends X1M, both at home and abroad X1M reputation is still very good, standard indicators that can withstand the test of combat, is a very useful little machine. From our current statistical data, there are about more than 200 domestic users. During also a lot of good feedback comments and suggestions. X1M design is a very simple little machine, only this, so there are a lot of problems and regret, therefore, that there was a domestic Blue and Platinum Both improved X1M, Platinum Edition software The hardware is relatively mature and stable, and it is the largest volume of a model. X1M offering so far there are more than two years, a friend on the proposal, said that a "Commemorative Edition", I also have this effect, so put this matter on the agenda. 
After a commemorative program improvement, only to find that, already out of the scope of a commemorative edition, a new machine, Oh, this is the X108. From mid-April to mid-June, during which a total of PCB board voted three times, each time to improve some of the problems and pitfalls, until I post published the fourth edition of PCB has also been issued to the plate and started trial production of small quantities of ready thing. In other words, the current demonstrator for the fourth edition. During this period, in order to ensure excellent overall performance, our team made ​​improvements in this salute them! In the mind of the customer is responsible, before the problem is not completely resolved, we prefer to offer machines come later, and never rush to finish the work and progress, this is our point of view, but also to the X108 is like waiting for a friend to say again a sorry ah. 
Currently, the verification has been done, the relevant information is collected also began corresponding improvement work has been in progress, production ready also intense, we only hope that we get the X108 is an excellent performance of the machine , is one worthy of the price of the machine, everybody is a trusted machine. 
As in the end how this machine, and the data on the testers to speak it"

Monday, June 16, 2014

More Amplifier News

When I saw all the information about the Xiegu amplifiers (XPA100XPA20), I thought I would check with Ed at Import Communications. He says he should have an American designed 20W amplifier that matches the X1M form factor available in kit form by the end of the month.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Platinum Edition Update

Some more about the Xiegu X1M Platinum Edition on the forum. Images are via the forum and text is via the forum by way of Google Translate.
X1M Platinum Edition (Overseas customized), is in the country X1M version, based on the appearance of the display, buttons, part of the circuit is optimized for a version, mainly to comply with EU mandatory technical requirements of relevant laws and regulations, as well as relevant FCC requirements.

The improved version of the following areas:

1, for a chip with a new, lower numerical part of the receiver;
2, for a solid OLED screen, to meet the sun observation, as well as the use of cold regions;
3, the replacement of the button improved touch feel;
4, significantly reducing the use of plug-ins that will replace most of the capacitor chip capacitors;
5, will be replaced by a capacitor LPF section COG chip capacitors, filter characteristics significantly improved;
6, the power amplifier section redesigned, converted to all-MOS amplifier, all using Mitsubishi RF power transistors, high gain RF specifications can be protected, each section were 4.5W maximum power over part of the band reaches 6.5W;
7, the control software for the rewritten and revised the CW portion of the bug, is zoned separation standards;
8, carried out on the machine EMC focus rectification, effectively inhibited the machine's various crosstalk;
9, to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign regulations and inspection machine, the software inside, on the amateur bands made ​​shield band emission (in the Project menu to open);
10, to increase the reliability of keys, key board uses a PCB gold plating.

To meet the needs of my friends and thank you for your continued support and concern that this X1M Platinum Edition Domestic sales are as follows: Price: 1180 yuan / Taiwan (only mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) including a full : Host a microphone in hand a power plug a 3.5 key plug an updated record: 2013.07.17: X1M Platinum Edition Quick Start Guide first release

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Xiegu X1M Platinum Edition

The X1M Platinum Edition information via Google translate from here.

"X1M Platinum Edition is a domestic version of the X1M based on the customer's requirements made some optimized version of a X1M not X1N. X1N program temporarily not used"

Second, I'm a little confused about the Gold and Platinum references. I'm reading it as an on-going evolution:
"X1M Platinum Edition, export-oriented customized version, there is a small amount of domestic sales, like friends can contact me.
X1M platinum Moderators do the following improvements:
1, to reduce the application of discrete devices, SMD electrolytic capacitors changed;
2, part of the circuit made ​​small adjustments;
3, with X1M Gold Edition, the use of custom shielding shell;
4, with the X1M Gold Edition, uses RD06HVF1 power tube;
5, firing from the plug-in LPF capacitor SMD ceramic capacitors replaced by COG capacitors;
6, a small OLED solid state switching liquid crystal display;
7, key switch to silicone keys.
Domestic price: 1150 yuan / Taiwan"

"X1M Platinum Edition officially accepted reservations. The batch for export customized X1M, in order to meet the European Union and other regions of regulations on the part of the circuit is optimized adjustment. Display and buttons made ​​major changes, currently using dot matrix OLED screen and silicone keypad, display and keys feel are significantly improved. In particular an increase machine measures a large area of ground, machine stability can be improved.

Set aside a small number of machines for the domestic needs of friends, to a treasure like you can take: mass production type Keys have to make adjustments at a suitable height, feel good. The picture is the prototype, the front panel without making table place. Mass production is still black panel-type machines, laser engraving, rigid PVC screen cover."

Video below:

And lastly, all future radios MUST have this feature.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Hands On

Neil (W2NDG) has a review of the X1M. Head over to check out the details as I won't steal his thunder other than to quote:
"I think the little X1M has a nice future in my collection. It’s no KX3, but for about $300, it’s a nice little radio."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TH-9800 and X1M at Dayton

Ed at Import Communications passed along a couple of tidbits:

TYT TH-9800
He has a final version of the TH-9800 quad-band mobile and he'll have it on display at Dayton. There are no firm production dates yet, but he will add the radio to his site with the ability to get notifications when it becomes available.

Xiegu X1M
He will also have the X1M QRP radio on display and about 40 for sale. He's sold about half of the first batch of 100 and deliveries will begin in early May. Import Communications is the factory's official North American distributor for this radio.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Review

"I also received my X1M from the manufacturer yesterday.    I will do a written review,  while video would be better, youtube is blocked here and so I did not bother to make a video, play with the VPN to upload it, etc.    I can do that during the weekend.  
Initial opening the box observations:
Unit arrived in bubble wrap, no outer box or other packaging.   Instruction "manual" is 1 page front and back printed, which gives basic specs and menu functions -  good enough that even an inexperienced ham could be up and running.   The units that I am procuring are fully assembled, not kit form.    The box contained the radio as well as a hand microphone wired for the radio.  It also included a phono jack for CW key (wire yourself) and a power jack (wire yourself).   I wired the power jack, plugged it into the ps and the radio and turned the radio on  -- nothing.    OK,  quick inspection of the power plug reveals that the barrel is too wide and the pin is too narrow - the plug fits snugly into the jack, but the inner barrel does not connect to the inner pin.    I unplugged my AT-100 auto-tuner (that is wired with similar barrel) power jack, plugged it into the radio just to try things and the radio turned right on.  
Radio is light weight.  All metal enclosure and looks to be well shielded.   Rear panel of my unit has "metric threaded" SO-238 RF connector, and I was able to find some PL-259's that fit just fine.  The Amphenol connectors that I have did not fit's easy to swap out a different rf connector, or get a simple adapter with the right threads to convert it to N-connector or BNC connector etc.  
Radio has  a small built in speaker.  Volume/audio  is adequate but not super loud - probably better with external speaker or use headphones.  While the mic looks identical to a ht speaker-mic, it is not wired that way and thus is used only for TX audio.   The mic has a red LED on it when in TX mode to show transmit.  The LCD display will also show a  T or R icon when in transmit or receive.  
Initial operating observations:   Radio has a built in preamp that really helps receive.  The sensitivity is around 0.45uV which is less sensitive than my FT-857  -- i dont have other QRP rigs to compare it to, but it's not in the same class (price or performance) as a K1, Scout, 817D, etc anyway so i suppose it is really more than adequate.  There are dedicated bandpass filters that switch in and out and those seem to really help selectivity (as expected with an SDR). 
Tuning - the first thing you will want to do is spin the dial.   OK, the VFO knob feeling is clicky clicky knob, think of it like a "select" knob on the 817/857 or Alinco DX70 radio if you are familiar with those.    Or, if you have owned QRP gear, think of it like the Uniden 2510/2600 or RS HTX-100 main tuning knob.  It is not a "smooth VFO" knob.  The knob clicks.    And, like every other knob of this design , it too occasionally skips a beat or two, so you have to watch the VFO when tuning up or down band. I would have preferred a smooth vfo tuning mechanism, but can't have everything.     The VFO knob has  rotate function and a push in function. The push in function is used to "set" certain parameters, such as tuning step once the step has been selected.   
The LCD display is green backlight and fairly easy to read considering small size overall of the unit.  Frequency is the main use for the LCD display, as is TX or RX function, pre-amp on or off.   
There is no S-meter or RF(output) or SWR meter on the LCD display unit.  
Tuning resolution can be set to Mhz, 100 Khz,  10 KHZ,  1 Khz, 100 Hz,  10 Hz, and 1 Hz.   Yes -- pretty remarkable but remember this thing is all DSP driven.   1 Hz resolution is probably overkill...but anyway, it's there if you need it. It's a little 
Modes are USB/LSB/CW.  No AM or FM or FSK.     You change modes with one of the front panel push button switches.  Pushing and holding one of the switches will put you into Menu mode.  Pushing and holding other switch will turn the preamp on or off.    
You can set the BFO frequency for these modes within the setup menu (9 menus are available for various tweaking, mostly dealing with the SDR aspects of the radio.
There is no obvious POWER OUT or MIC GAIN or ALC adjustment as noted previously.. 
I am mostly a CW op and the bandwidth in CW mode is fairly wide ... maybe 1800 Hz bandwidth.  Did not have time for measuring it but it is certainly not a narrow filtered receiver as judged by my ham ear.   
On SSB it plays nicely and was listening to some of the Sichuan earthquake H&W traffic last evening.   
I like the gen coverage receive, but without AM detection, it is just so-so listening in on the shortwave bands unless you zero-beat and eliminate the heterodyning.  Good news is that the DSP is super stable so the thing doesn't drift like the old capacitance style vfo's.... had to keep one hand on the tuning dial while listening to London...Once set you can at least hear and understand the broadcast (bandwidth a little narrow for AM too)
Have not done much advanced testing - sensitivity, selectivity, audio and power out, etc... will report more when tests are completed.  
I feel it's important to represent this rig as it is.... not mislead.  Share positives and negatives... provide feedback to manufacturer for improvements, etc.  The unit I have, is serial number X0087...white glue on sticker.    Would be interesting to compare production differences with others.    
As indicated previously,  I have placed an order with the manufacturer and will keep posted on committed delivery dates to me, and then onward shipping, pricing, etc. for those who expressed interest.  
More to follow.
Joe K7JOE/BY1"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Kit Photo

Not a high resolution photo, but it will give you a flavor of what NH6VR got when he ordered the kit.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Kit

"My X1M "kit" finally arrived, and it is not what we all expected. I think we were expecting an Elecraft KX3 - style kit with no soldering involved, just fitting the boards together and assembling the hardware. 
Unfortunately, when I opened the box, I was greeted with bags of thru-hole parts, and all of the connectors. This wouldn't be too intimidating except for the fact that there was no board layout or assembly guide. Not even a chinese one. 
I'm not afraid of soldering really, but I haven't done anything like this in about 30 years, and I think I need to practice on something a little less complex, and with some instructions. 
I think we were expecting a "snap-together" type of kit because of the relatively small difference between the kit and assembled prices ($30). 
Oh well. 
I have worked something out to get an assembled version. More to follow..... 
--Neil W2NDG"

Xiegu X1M: BNC Connector

There have been some messages floating around about problems with the UHF type connectors on the X1M. Ed updates that his radios at Import Communications will use a BNC connector:
"I have asked the factory to install BNC connectors on the radios for the NorthAmerican market."

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Xiegu X1M: A Few Shipping Now

Ed has the complete listing up and says the first few will ship next week. The rest will be available in May.

X1M QRP Transceiver

 Xiegu Technology

Distributed in North America exclusively by Import Communications
Compatable via RS232 connector with Ham Radio Deluxe (Choose Icom IC-718)

Frequency range RX & TX:  0.1 ~ 30 MHz*
Modes: SSB & CW
Power output: 5 Watts
Operating voltage: 9.6 ~ 14.5 vdc
Operating current: 0.35 ~ 1.2 amp
Receiver Preamplifier:  Yes
Memory Channels:  100
RIT Function:  Yes
Automatic Internal CW Keyer:  Yes
Backlight On/Off:  Yes
Keyboard  lock:  Yes
Dimensions:   3-13/16 x 1-9/16 x 6-1/8 inches
Weight:   0.65 kg  ~  1.43 lbs
PTT Microphone:  Included

* 5 Ham Bands configured separately
Band 1:   3.5 ~ 3.9 MHz
Band 2:    7.0 ~ 7.15 MHz
Band 3: 14.0 ~ 14.5 MHz
Band 4:   21.0 ~ 21.45 MHz
Band 5:   28.0 ~ 29.7  MHz

Receiving sensitivity: better than 0.45uV,
RF output power: ≥ 4.5W
Frequency stability: better than 0.5ppm
Frequency accuracy: better than 0.5ppm
Operating voltage: 12.0 ~ 14.0V DC
Receiver Standby Current: 0.5A
Emission current: 1.5A Max

Friday, March 29, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Availability and Pricing

Ed of Import Communications passed along this update on the X1M.
"Import Communications has sealed the deal to be the only distributor for this company for North America. Twelve radios are on the way and 100 have been ordered for May 1 delivery. Orders for these will be accepted on my web site this weekend, as I find time to get the information posted. The factory suggest a retail price of $329. The introductory price for the first 100 will be $299 with free shipping."
Also, Ed is investigating an option for a tuner/battery pack unit for use with the X1M - much like the old Index Labs QRP Companion.

Ed also clarified that BG8HT (that I discussed here) is one of the designers of the Xiegu radios.

And before I could finish the post I see that Ed has started updating his site for the Xiegu radios.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Ed Update

Interesting news about the kit vs. built options:
"Twelve radios, 2 kits and 10 wired, have been shipped from the factory to my office in China. They have been forwarded to the US and hopefully they will arrive next week. The kits are not kits as we usually think of them. There is very little difference in the kit and wired costs, leading me to believe a kit only requires installing the boards, screws, knobs and etc. No actual wiring.
I had not planned for the existence of this radio to be made public until I had a chance to test it myself but the cat was let out of the bag by a friend of mine. I have been working for over a month with the factory for an exclusive US distributorship for their products. This has been somewhat of a chore because no one at the factory speaks English and their production output appears to be very slow right now. Hopefully this will all work out soon.
I have already ordered an additional 50 radios but I don't know how soon they can be produced. It took two weeks to get the first dozen made. 
If I have time this weekend I will put a notification list on my web site so that anyone interested will be notified when stock is available. If at all possible, I will try to have some of these for sale at Dayton. I will at leasthave one displayed there.
Ed Griffin
Import Communications"

Xiegu X1M: X1MKII

So we have the X1M which is listed as the v2.01 edition on the manufacturer's web page. And Sparky has pictures and specs of X1MKII.

I'm making an assumption based on the name and the fact that he has pictures of the X1M and X1MKII together that they are both Xiegu rigs. It should be no surprise that the naming conventions are creating some confusion - at least for me. (As I go deeper down the rabbit hole, I'm less convinced this is true -keep reading.)

My Google-Fu leads me to this Chinese forum and 49 pages of comments about the X1MKII. I read lots of the pages - too many excited, but irrelevant posts - to make information gathering easy A circuit diagram from the first post.

BG8HT, who is posting this information, has a blog. Here are some specs from a later post including a note about the model being X1N (tentative). Then I see on his blog where the name changes from the X1N to the X1MKII.
Released some details of the parameters:
Model: X1N (tentative)
transceiver Frequency range: 0.5 ~ 30MHz
contain all WAC-band, the amateur bands assurance indicators optimal;
Mode: SSB / CW / NFM / AM / RTTY / the FSK
output power: 8W @ 12.5V
internal standing wave detection, power detection / protection
Output Power 1 ~ 10W ​​continuously adjustable
built-in automatic key, pre-amplifier, pre-fader with AGC, ALC, NB, RIT, SPL.MEM commonly used functions such as digitized FM launch
external ATU interface, audio input and output ports, external PTT control, CI-V interface
receiver sensitivity: better than 0.3uV (available)
transmitter spurious @ harmonics rejection: better than-45dBc (amateur band)
In trying to decipher the translations, BG8HT may have bought the X1M as a kit. I can't tell if he is just testing it and reporting his findings or if he has a closer relationship to Xiegu. I'm even fuzzier on what is going on with the X1MKII. Now I'm wondering if it is even a Xiegu project.