Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Ed Update

Interesting news about the kit vs. built options:
"Twelve radios, 2 kits and 10 wired, have been shipped from the factory to my office in China. They have been forwarded to the US and hopefully they will arrive next week. The kits are not kits as we usually think of them. There is very little difference in the kit and wired costs, leading me to believe a kit only requires installing the boards, screws, knobs and etc. No actual wiring.
I had not planned for the existence of this radio to be made public until I had a chance to test it myself but the cat was let out of the bag by a friend of mine. I have been working for over a month with the factory for an exclusive US distributorship for their products. This has been somewhat of a chore because no one at the factory speaks English and their production output appears to be very slow right now. Hopefully this will all work out soon.
I have already ordered an additional 50 radios but I don't know how soon they can be produced. It took two weeks to get the first dozen made. 
If I have time this weekend I will put a notification list on my web site so that anyone interested will be notified when stock is available. If at all possible, I will try to have some of these for sale at Dayton. I will at leasthave one displayed there.
Ed Griffin
Import Communications


  1. Maybe I'm mistaken but I don't like the idea of "exclusive US distributorship". Seems like they could then set the price to whatever they wanted since there would be no other competitors in the US.

    1. Like a lot of these things I suspect that you can still order them from China - 409Shop, AliExpress, etc. Also, I don't know but it might be like the F-11 that is exclusive to Ed, but other versions can be bought through other channels.