Saturday, March 23, 2013

Xiegu X1M: Import Communications Update and More

Some more details about the 5W QRP HF radio that Ed at Import Communications will be selling...

The 5W HF radio is the X1M from The Valley Association Chongqing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Thanks to Neil for pointing me in this direct.) The company URL as well as an image on their web page incorporates the word "Xiegu." YO9IRF calls the radio the Xiegu X1M, so I may go with that until someone corrects me. That's a lot better than The Valley Association Chongqing Science and Technology X1M or TVACST X1M for short.

Ed adds:
I have ordered 10 fully assembled and 2 in kit form. These have been shipped and should arrive soon. I have not seen the kits but believe them to only be a "hardware type" assembly. I won't suggest any modifications until after my units arrive and are tested.
A round-up of links about the radio - plenty of pics and videos:

X1M_QRP-Transceiver Yahoo Group
Sparky's Blog

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