Thursday, June 20, 2013

Xiegu X1M Platinum Edition

The X1M Platinum Edition information via Google translate from here.

"X1M Platinum Edition is a domestic version of the X1M based on the customer's requirements made some optimized version of a X1M not X1N. X1N program temporarily not used"

Second, I'm a little confused about the Gold and Platinum references. I'm reading it as an on-going evolution:
"X1M Platinum Edition, export-oriented customized version, there is a small amount of domestic sales, like friends can contact me.
X1M platinum Moderators do the following improvements:
1, to reduce the application of discrete devices, SMD electrolytic capacitors changed;
2, part of the circuit made ​​small adjustments;
3, with X1M Gold Edition, the use of custom shielding shell;
4, with the X1M Gold Edition, uses RD06HVF1 power tube;
5, firing from the plug-in LPF capacitor SMD ceramic capacitors replaced by COG capacitors;
6, a small OLED solid state switching liquid crystal display;
7, key switch to silicone keys.
Domestic price: 1150 yuan / Taiwan"

"X1M Platinum Edition officially accepted reservations. The batch for export customized X1M, in order to meet the European Union and other regions of regulations on the part of the circuit is optimized adjustment. Display and buttons made ​​major changes, currently using dot matrix OLED screen and silicone keypad, display and keys feel are significantly improved. In particular an increase machine measures a large area of ground, machine stability can be improved.

Set aside a small number of machines for the domestic needs of friends, to a treasure like you can take: mass production type Keys have to make adjustments at a suitable height, feel good. The picture is the prototype, the front panel without making table place. Mass production is still black panel-type machines, laser engraving, rigid PVC screen cover."

Video below:

And lastly, all future radios MUST have this feature.


  1. Would like to see this version in Alpha and Beta testers , with a large open source , open resource sharing , so the needs and wants of the user are joined and implemented by both sides .

    Charlie , W5COV

  2. "Second, I'm a little confused about the Gold and Platinum references."

    Your March 26, 2013 post shows v2.01. Which the image of the board confirms. My X1M board is yellow and is printed with:

  3. Latest information and pictures of the X1M Platinum Edition are here:

    It is looking good! You will need to use Google translate, or know how to read Chinese. ;)