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Friday, March 21, 2014

Baofeng Comparison Chart

I can't recall if I've seen this before, but a pointer in the comments has it back to the top. The image is from the BaofengTech website.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Baofeng GT-3: Names

So the story goes like this...

Hans and I found the Baofeng A52 and B-580T a while back.

Rob pointed out the GT-3.

Then Nate found the BF-E500S that appears to be a GT-3.

Applying the transitive property, that would mean A52=B-580T=GT-3=BF-E500S, so I e-mailed Baofeng and asked if the radios were the same and they replied:
"I am sorry that I do not know the radio in 409 shop is same or not with our GT-3. I think you should confirm this with them."
I've tweeted and e-mailed 409Shop with no reply on the BF-E500S yet. Back to the Baofeng reply:
"B580T is same with A52, same internally but different shell with GT-3. "
If they are the same, where did the "BAND" button go?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Baofeng A52 and B-580T

I was looking at the Baofeng B-580T and thought about doing a post about it. While I dragged my feet, Hans beat me to it. Except, I just realized he was posting about the Baofeng A52 and I was looking at the B-580T. The B-580T is way different from the A52. See it has a "B" and a dash and a "T" in its model number.

I was looking at the pictures for both listings and realized that they shared a label with the B-580T model number.

I'm going to write a program to randomly generate model numbers for these things and automatically create blog posts about.