Monday, November 30, 2015

Baofeng Tech: New Mobile Radios

I'm late to the party as usual these days, so I'll keep apologizing, but continue to work under the "better late than never philosophy."

Baofeng Tech announced two new mobile radios more than a week ago:
"We're excited to unveil the UV-2501 and UV-5001 Dual Band Mobile Radios. We have spent the last several months refining our first mobile radio release. The UV-2501 is a Mini Mobile VHF/UHF radio capable of 25 Watts Output. The UV-5001 is a full-size Mobile VHF/UHF radio capable of 50 Watts Output.
These may look similar in appearance to other radios, but we have re-built our mobiles from the ground up with a new menu system, audio and bug fixes, exclusive enhancements, and much more - with insight and improvements given to us from amateurs nationwide."

The similar radios are the JT-6188 and KT8900 that I've posted about. I like the naming of these - I'm a simple man, so UHF-VHF-50 Watt, version 01 makes sense to me for the UV-5001.

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