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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Baofeng Tech: UV-5001 and UV-2501+220

A couple of shots to show the relative size of the Baofeng Tech UV-5001 and the UV-2501+220. It's not that the UV-5001 is that big - the UV-2501+220 is amazingly compact.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Baofeng Tech UV-5001 Gen 3

Woo hoo! 50 Watts of dual mobile goodness - the Baofeng Tech UV-5001 Gen 3! I've got the programming cable, so it is ridiculously easy to get on the air. Power, antenna, and the microphone plus a minute to download the software and I'm hitting the 940 repeater.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Boafeng Tech: Gen 3 Mobile Updates

The Baofeng Tech UV-2501 and Baofeng Tech UV-5001 got some updates:
GENERATION 3 UPDATESThe 3rd Gen. BTECH mobiles focus on significant hardware updates. The UV-2501 update includes a built-in external temperature cooling fan and an exclusive updated board which provides unmatched performance compared to any transceiver in its class - focusing on refined audio clarity, selectivity, and filtering. The firmware has also been updated with user adjustable DTMF Gain and Mic Gain. Power toggling is now selectable right on the keypad.
Looks like the same update applies to the UV-5001 as well.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baofeng Tech Mobiles: CHIRP Support

The latest version of CHIRP now supports the Baofeng Tech mobiles (UV-2501+220UV-2501, and UV-5001). I got to try out a beta version and had no problems with the basic functions.

Via Miklor on the BAOFENG AMATEUR RADIO NETWORK (B.A.R.N.) Facebook page

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220: Programming from your PC

A how-to video for installing and programming your Baofeng Tech UV-2501+220. Grab the software here. You'll need a USB cable like the BTECH PC04 FTDI USB Programming Cable as well. (The process is the same for the Baofeng Tech UV-2501 and Baofeng Tech UV-5001 - simply download the appropriate software for those models.)

Some general comments about using programming software for radios:

If the you can't figure out which Comm Port the radio is using, go to the Device Manager in Windows. You can see which port is correct or if the cable isn't showing as installed properly. The latter is often the guess if you aren't using a genuine FTDI chip.

As a best practice, I always like to save a copy of the original configuration before I make any changes.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Baofeng Tech: BTECH UV-5001 & UV-2501 Software

One of my favorite ways to check-out the features of a radio (without actually having my hands on it) is to look at the software. Here are some screenshots for the software for the Baofeng Tech UV-5001 and Baofeng Tech UV-2501 mobile radios.

Menu options:

FM Radio:

Channel memory:

Optional features/settings:

DTMF and tones:


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Baofeng Tech: UV-2501 and UV-5001 Miklor Reviews

John has been involved with the Baofeng Tech UV-2501 and Baofeng Tech UV-5001 development. He's got a review up that covers actual power output and the new features. He also talks about the issues that do not exist in the Baofeng Tech versions of the radios:
"Early first generation models of similar radios had two audio issues.
- When changing or returning to an Active Channel, there was no audio present until the PTT or EXIT button was pressed.
- During a channel scan, a loud tone was heard when stopping on an active channel, requiring a PTT reset. (or turning off the beep tone)."
He also does a comparison of the UV-2501 and the KT-8900/JT-6188.

Monday, November 30, 2015

From the Making Stuff Up Department

And while I'm stirring up trouble on Twitter and posting about the Baofeng Tech UV-2501 and Baofeng Tech UV-5001, should I read anything into the fact that both radios are explicitly listed as "analog" two-way radios?

Crank up the rumor mill - the digitals must be on the way. ;)

I have no shame.

Baofeng Tech: BTECH UV-5001

And now some more details on the dual band 50W mobile Baofeng Tech UV-5001 ($149.89).

The Baofeng Tech website mentions a few key features that differentiate it from the other similar radios:
"Synchronize Display Mode
Scrambler/Inversion, DTMF, 5Tone, 2Tone, CTCSS, and DCS Calling Modes (Remote Kill/Stun Supported)
VFO Lockout
Menus, Programming, and Reset Lockout
Auto Power Off Function
Dual Watch Delay Time: Allows the receiver to stay on the secondary channel longer after incoming transmission - customize the delay up to 50 seconds; This avoids manually channel switching when you are engaged with simultaneous contacts on two frequencies"
(For those of you following along, this will look just like the features of the UV-2501 from the previous post.)

And now to the specs...

BTECH UV-5001 Mobile
Mounting Bracket and Hardware
Remote Speaker Mic and Mic Bracket
Inline Fuse and DC Connectors

25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable (Wide/Narrow Band)
FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz)
Large Tri-color LCD Display (3 Selectable Colors)
High /Low RF Power Switchable
50 CTCSS/ 104 DCS Tones
5Tone Support
2Tone Support
Voice Inversion (Scrambling) Support
Tone searching/scanning
Dual standby
PC programmable
Transmitter time-out timer(TOT)
Busy channel lock-out(BCLO)
Remote Stun/Kill

Frequency range:
[TX] 136 - 174MHz, 400 - 520MHz
[RX] 136 - 174MHz, 400 - 520MHz, 68-108MHz (FM Broadcast)
Channel Capacity:
200 Channels
Channel Spacing
25KHz (wide band)12.5KHz (narrow band)
≤0.25μV (wide band) ≤0.35μV (narrow band)
Operation Voltage
13.6V DC ±20%
Frequency step:
2.5-25KHz Selectable
Antenna Connector: SO-239
Output power:
50W / 10W
Audio Power Output

Baofeng Tech: New Mobile Radios

I'm late to the party as usual these days, so I'll keep apologizing, but continue to work under the "better late than never philosophy."

Baofeng Tech announced two new mobile radios more than a week ago:
"We're excited to unveil the UV-2501 and UV-5001 Dual Band Mobile Radios. We have spent the last several months refining our first mobile radio release. The UV-2501 is a Mini Mobile VHF/UHF radio capable of 25 Watts Output. The UV-5001 is a full-size Mobile VHF/UHF radio capable of 50 Watts Output.
These may look similar in appearance to other radios, but we have re-built our mobiles from the ground up with a new menu system, audio and bug fixes, exclusive enhancements, and much more - with insight and improvements given to us from amateurs nationwide."

The similar radios are the JT-6188 and KT8900 that I've posted about. I like the naming of these - I'm a simple man, so UHF-VHF-50 Watt, version 01 makes sense to me for the UV-5001.