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Friday, March 21, 2014

Baofeng Comparison Chart

I can't recall if I've seen this before, but a pointer in the comments has it back to the top. The image is from the BaofengTech website.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Breaking the Law!

Sorry for the lack of radio posting. I had been running my pirate radio station (2 x the legal limit!!!) using my UV-5R and an FCC SWAT team raided my house. They confiscated my radio charger and mouse, so it really has hampered my ability to get on the air and to post.

Seriously, this post was 100% inspired by Hans' last two articles:
2013, Narrowbanding and Ham Radio
UV-5R Group for Illegal Users
I commented on the first by saying:
"It seems like people forget about 50+ (100?) years of history when they start talking about rule changes. I don’t think all the war surplus rigs that my father-in-law has will magically become compliant with every mandate. Nor will all the stuff he designed and built. Unless you are being a real jerk and causing interference, I don’t see the FCC breaking down your (US) door to confiscate a Chinese HT."
Maybe my rule should be a) don't be a jerk and b) don't be dumb - then you shouldn't have to worry about the FCC SWAT team.