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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kirisun Updates

409Shop has listings for the following Kirisun radios:

S760 (400 - 470 MHz) - $128
S780 (400 - 470 MHz) - $128
S785 (400 - 470 MHz) - $119
V688 (400 - 425 MHz) - $122
V689 (400 - 425 MHz) - $122

The software (S768, S765, S780, V688, V689) has also been posted on the 409Shop site. Direct download link here. (Thanks to SM3SWO for the pointer.)

Also, the Kirisun site has Chinese pages for the radios. (Thanks eb4fbz for the pointer!)
Google Chrome can help with the translations on the fly or you could use a different translation tool.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kirisun S760: English Manual

The 409Shop has been listing more radios (thanks anonymous!):
"09 shop has a lot of models now. They have a S780, S760, S785 (no keypad) V688, and V689. Literally adding new ones to the site every day.
409 also said on their website that the S780 takes a Motorola 2 pin connector for programming and headset.
I cannot tell the difference on the S760 and S780 other than cosmetics. Kirisin does not have them on their website."
They have also posted an English manual on their Facebook page here.