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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Digital Radios and Preppers

I talked some about ham radio and prepping after reading "Patriots - Surviving the Coming Collapse," but did not think about the potential benefits of something like the Kirisun S780:
"Preppers usually like to have communications equipment prepared for possible times of disaster.In a WROL situation, where someone could loot you for all your preparations if they knew about them, I'm sure preppers would like to have encrypted communications, so that anyone with a scanner can't find out where they keep their food stores or secret stash of fuel. 
These Kirisun radios provide inherent security, in that not many people will have radios that use the same vocoder, and it is unlikely anyone around you will have one. This could be called "security through obscurity". That is even if you don't turn on the encryption. To a scanner listening in analog, these radios just sound like a load of noise. Now, if someone were to buy a radio the same as you, and program it up to the same frequency, they would be able to listen in to any unencrypted comms. That's where the encryption comes in handy. Switch over to an encrypted channel, and they will not be able to understand it at all. All you hear when listening to an encrypted channel on a radio without encryption, is a few funny digital noises."

Kirisun S780: Undressed

People keep taking things apart - don't they know how risky this is?!?! And this is an expensive radio. (Well, I guess my Leixen VV-808 is expensive now, too.)

Via the S780 Yahoo Group - more pictures there.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Kirisun S780: Update

Some more info on the Kirisun S780.

I watched the following video at Han's place.

I also found (surprise!) a Yahoo Group for the S780.

Which then lead me to this most excellent blog -
"This blog will be closely linked with my YouTube account and will feature similar themes. I aim to cover topics to do with radio including the use of scanners; software defined radio; PMR446; UHF and VHF radio; amateur radio; shortwave listening; digital modes such as DMR, dPMR, NXDN, TETRA, maybe even D-STAR, and decoding some of these modes."
Which, of course, turns out to be the same person that did the video. He's got a lot of good info on the S780. I've added him to my RSS feed.

Watching and reading all the stuff above has me even more interested in the S780 - despite it being outside my normal price range.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kirisun Updates

409Shop has listings for the following Kirisun radios:

S760 (400 - 470 MHz) - $128
S780 (400 - 470 MHz) - $128
S785 (400 - 470 MHz) - $119
V688 (400 - 425 MHz) - $122
V689 (400 - 425 MHz) - $122

The software (S768, S765, S780, V688, V689) has also been posted on the 409Shop site. Direct download link here. (Thanks to SM3SWO for the pointer.)

Also, the Kirisun site has Chinese pages for the radios. (Thanks eb4fbz for the pointer!)
Google Chrome can help with the translations on the fly or you could use a different translation tool.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kirisun S760: English Manual

The 409Shop has been listing more radios (thanks anonymous!):
"09 shop has a lot of models now. They have a S780, S760, S785 (no keypad) V688, and V689. Literally adding new ones to the site every day.
409 also said on their website that the S780 takes a Motorola 2 pin connector for programming and headset.
I cannot tell the difference on the S760 and S780 other than cosmetics. Kirisin does not have them on their website."
They have also posted an English manual on their Facebook page here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Kirisun S780: Digital UHF HT

A while back the 409Shop posted a teaser for a V689U digital radio and some folks pointed out that it might be a Kirisun radio.

This morning I saw that the 409Shop is featuring the Kirisun S780 Digital UHF (400 - 470) handheld transceiver for $128 USD:
"The transceiver is a micro-miniature multiband FM transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage,providing local-area two-way amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability."

Number 17 is a good sign - firmware updates!

Product Features:
Excellent noise suppression, digital voice clarity
Digital / analog compatible analog devices to ensure a smooth transition
Ten million sets of figures key voice encryption, safe and secure
Digital intelligent signaling, richer management scheduling function
Function Description:
1, FDMA frequency division multiple access technology, spectrum efficiency improved several times;
2, support digital mode, analog mode
3, the digital voice encryption
4, a variety of call mode, all call, group call, a call, emergency call
5, PTT default contact (group) call
6, the emergency alarm (single, joint) 3 × 4 modes
7, Stun, activate
8, the working status query
9, the digital power saving mode
10, 1.8-inch large LCD display, support icon display for easy SMS messages, call records read;
11, low power, signal strength, battery capacity display, real-time understanding work status
12, call history, call records can be displayed 20;
13, address book function, support 50 contacts;
14, you can edit SMS function, the default shortcut short message
15, manual dialing
16, calls and SMS ringing Tips
17, firmware programming mode (software upgrades);

General features:
1, in English operation interface
2, the emission of high and low power selectable
3, three-color LED indicates sending, receiving, scanning and other state
4, channel lock, keypad lock function
5, whisper function
6, sub audio / digital tone
7, the end eliminate
8, the monitoring function
9, mixed scanning
10, TOT emission limit protection
11, the calculator

Technical parameters
General Specifications
Number of channels
Channel spacing
Operating Temperature
Antenna Impedance
Microphone impedance
Frequency Stability
Battery (standard configuration)
Model: KB-760, lithium battery
DC 7.5V ± 20% 1500mAh
Volume (length × width × thickness)
116 mm x54 mm x30 mm
136 g (main unit only) / 240 g (with battery and antenna host)
Receiving part
Adjacent Channel Selectivity
Intermodulation Immunity
Spurious response
Audio output power
≥ 1000mW (distortion is less than 5%, 16Ω load)
Audio response
Analog: +2 / -6 dB
Transmitting section
RF Power
4W (High) / 1W (low)
Digital: 4FSK Analog: 11KΦF3E
Clutter and harmonic
Analog:> 35 dB
Audio Distortion (300-3000Hz)
Modulation limit
Digital: ± 2.5kHz
Modulation characteristics
Analog: +2 / -6 dB