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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ucontrol - Universal Remote Control for your Uniden Scanner

You will now be able to control your Uniden scanners with a remote control. Most if not all menu functions on the scanner will be ported over to the remote control. 
So if you want to hold on a channel, raise the volume or even use the direct entry you can do so with almost any remote control you choose. 
We have not decided if we will add this to the remote head hardware or make this a standalone add on to the scanner itself. This will all be open source so as soon as we finish the testing you may do what you like with it. We are calling it "Ucontrol"
Here is a quick sample of the Ucontrol in action.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

UV-3R: Prevent Transmit

If you are using your UV-3R to monitor frequencies where you do not have transmit privileges, you can program the transmit frequency to "0" or NULL. If you press the PTT, then the radio beeps at you, but nothing is transmitted.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Radio for a Ham? A Scanner.

Not a bad idea... you can save some wear and tear on the nicer equipment. From Ron Hashiro:
"So, the initial temptation might be to get a transmitter or a combination transmitter-receiver called a transceiver. But, you might underbuy or overbuy on your equipment. So, it makes sense to try it out on a comparatively inexpensive solution. Get a "police" scanner first.
Scanners can go through a number of frequencies very quickly. You can monitor all the popular repeaters and simplex frequencies in a matter of about one or two seconds. I listen to the local frequencies with a scanner, and when I hear someone that I want to talk with, I turn on my radio (if it's not on) and make a contact."
Via the 470 ARG