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Monday, February 6, 2017 TYT MD-380 Spare Parts

Nice to have options:

Thursday, September 8, 2016

TYT MD-380 Resources from KD5DLJ

KD5DLJ MD-380:
"As a fellow user of the Tytera MD-380, I felt it would be beneficial to create a web page for the purpose of reviewing and discussing the many features of this very versatile little handheld. 
Needless to say, I am a big fan, especially since the release of the reverse engineered firmware that has come out that opens up this little radio to many big features. Come back often for updates and helpful tips and instructions on how to make the most of your inexpensive DMR treasure. 
Denny - KD5DLJ - Omaha, Arkansas"

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lady Ada and the TYT MD-380

From the PDF linked in the tweet below:
"Hey everyone! It's me, ladyada! I recently got my Amateur Radio License ('HAM ticket') and I wanted to start out with a radio that's both inexpensive, easy to use, and fun to hack! After seeing some videos from CCC about the MD-380, I thought this radio is the one for me to start with. 
Not only does this radio do FM analog on the 400MHz band, but it can also do DMR - digital encoded radio! This gives you the ability to use an Internet-backed voice network with no static and huge worldwide repeater reach. 
I'm just getting started on my HAM-venture but I thought I'd take some notes on the hacking and programming I've done! Some of it, like updating the Firmware and flashing User DB, is optional - but it's also the most fun!"

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

TYT TH-UV8000SE: Tri-Band HT

Another tri-band HT via Nate:


144/220/440 Tri Band VHF/UHF Handheld Transceiver
This radio doesn’t have cross band function
1.    144/220/440 Tri band, dual display, dual standby
2.    100% Brand New & Special Edition!
3.    128 channels to store
4.    FM radio receiver and 25 channels
5.    Channel spacing selectable (25/12.5 KHz)
6.    Hand free VOX function
7.    CTCSS/DCS encoding and decoding
8.    Low battery alarm
9.    Emergency Alarm
10.  Shift repeater function
11.  ANI function
12.  DTMF function
13.  Reverse frequency function
14.  Tri-color background light selectable
15.  English and Chinese prompt
16.  MSK
17.  1750 Tone
18.  PC software programmable
19.  Channel scan function
20.  Busy channel lock-out (BCL)
21.  Monitor function
22.  Time-out timer (TOT)

Frequency range
VHF:136~174MHz up to 7 Watts
VHF:220~260MHz up to 10 Watts
UHF:400~520MHz up to 7 Watts
Frequency Stability
Operating voltage
DC 7.2V (Rechargeable Li-ion battery)
Channel NO.
Antenna impedance
50 ohm
Mode of operation
Simplex or semi-duplex
Battery capacity
Dimension(Exclude antenna)

RF Sensitivity
-122dBm(12dB SINAD)
Audio power
Audio distortion
<10 p="">Blocking
>=60dB, >=55dB
>=65dB, >=60dB
Spurious rejection

Output power
<=10w, >=5W
Modulation mode
Maximum deviation
<5khz p="" z="">Adjacent Ch. power
<=-65dB/ <=-60dB
Spurious radiation
<7 p="">Pre-emphasis characteristics
CTCSS/DCS deviation
0.55KHz±20.15KHz, 0.4KHz±20.1KHz
Intermediation sensitivity
Intermediation distortion
<5 p="">
We wondered about a tri-bander from TYT with the TH-UVF9. And, as is often the case, I don't see the TH-UV8000SE on the TYT site (but they do have the TH-UV8000D.

Available via Amazon ($75) or ebay ($75).

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


VolTAC (or yet another reason I need a TYT MD-380):
VolTAC is a talkgroup that was created in response to user request, and after carefully considering it we have determined it is a good idea and fits the theme of our network.
This is a local only, unlinked talkgroup and has been approved for usage on the Knoxville, Sevierville, Greeneville, and Kingsport repeaters.

The idea was born out of a discussion that happened on our Facebook group. Many of our users are UT Sports fans (including the Sysop that maintains this website!) and the idea was presented to have a "tactical" talkgroup for fans with DMR radios to use on gameday in or around the Knoxville area.

The current plan is to link the Knoxville and Sevierville repeaters together on scheduled home football games. This is to provide wide area coverage to fans in and around the area. The talkgroup is permissible to be used outside of gameday or other UT events, but please be mindful of system loading as this will be competing for resources on timeslot 1 like everything else.

During non UT events, local on timeslot 1 is still the best choice for local comms.

VolTAC - TG ID 865"

Friday, August 26, 2016

VolNet DMR and TYT MD-380

Putting the logo on the TYT MD-380 might be enough reason to buy one! Tennessee and ham radio for the win!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TYT MD-390: Unboxing

Compared with the MD-380... different batteries, chargers, and more...

Monday, August 1, 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016

TYT MD-380: $109 at MTC

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tytera and TYT

I've been using TYT more than Tytera, so I'm a head of the game. :
"Tytera announced plans this week to change the brand name on their line of two way radios from Tytera to TYT next month. According to an official spokesperson from Tytera, starting May 2016 the company will begin to replace the Tytera brand on their entire product line with the name TYT."
In fact, I never created a Tytera tag and have just been using TYT.

Via this post at Buy Two Way Radios

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tytera MD-9600: Digital Mobile announces the Tytera MD-9600 as a follow-up to the MD-380 HT:
"The MD-380 was a game changer, and turned Tytera into respected brand in the DMR marketplace almost overnight. 
Now they are about to do it again. Get ready for the Tytera MD-9600 Digital Mobile Radio
Yes, that's right, the long-awaited announcement is here. Tytera has introduced a new mobile two way radio capable of operation in both digital and analog modes. 
According to Tytera, the MD-3900 operates on 400-480MHz frequencies at up to 45 watts (UHF model) or 136-174MHz VHF at up to 50 watts (VHF model). As a DMR radio, It uses Time Division Multiple Access(TDMA) technology and is compatible with MotoTRBO Tier I and II."
No pricing yet, but expected release date is in May.

The product sheet can be found here (PDF).

(As a side note, I've probably not given the MD-380 as much attention as I should have.)

Monday, January 25, 2016

TYT MD-380: Shmoocon Firetalks 2016 Video

I've been reading on this TYT MD-380 hacking stuff, but didn't catch that Travis Goodspeed is an East TN/Knoxville guy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TYT MD-380: Updating Firmware

TYT MD-380 firmware update process.

TYT MD-380: Purchasing and Videos

I posted about being able to hack the TYT MD-380 and pointed to my Amazon link for purchasing. I forgot that my friends at have them as well. (Remember modifying the radios may void your warranty, so don't expect them or anyone else to replace the radio if you brick it!)

The BuyTwoWayRadios site has a couple of videos about the MD-380:

TYT MD-380: Hacked!

At Hackaday:
"Every once in a great while, a piece of radio gear catches the attention of a prolific hardware guru and is reverse engineered. A few years ago, it was the RTL-SDR, and since then, software defined radios became the next big thing. Last weekend at Shmoocon, [Travis Goodspeed] presented his reverse engineering of the Tytera MD380 digital handheld radio. The hack has since been published in PoC||GTFO 0x10 (56MB PDF, mirrored) with all the gory details that turn a $140 radio into the first hardware scanner for digital mobile radio."
You can get the MD-380 from various Amazon sellers. I first posted about this radio in May of last year with a link to a review by VA3XPR.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TYT TH-7800: Details at

BuyTwoRadios has lots of good info on the TYT TH-7800 ($199):
"Compared to other dual band amateur mobiles such as the Wouxun KG-UV920P-A, the TYT Th-7800 appears to be a simple radio. In some ways it seems oddly reminiscent of a mobile Yaesu, and when we showed it at several local hamfests, hams who give it a first look agreed. This may be due, at least in part, to a chassis with rounded edges and the orange backlit detachable display. While it isn't outwardly flashy, there seems to be a lot of functionality packed inside.

The TH-7800 is, indeed, a dual band mobile two way radio. Like many other amateur mobiles in its class, it transmits on the 2 meter VHF (136-174MHz) and 70cm UHF (400-480MHz) bands. With 40 watts on UHF and 50 watts on VHF, the 7800 seems to have the TX on these two bands adequately covered.

Reception is a bit broader. it receives wide band AM and FM on 108-180MHz, 134-174MHz and 350-520MHz. It supports 800 memory channels (809 to be more precise, according to the manual) and allows settings to be configured independently for each individual channel."
More at the first link above.