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Saturday, December 1, 2012


From Tam...
"Caleb had a post up recently about the deuce-deuce M&P carbine as a defensive choice, which was interesting, in that I had recently been musing that in a situation like that faced by the Korean shopkeepers in the '92 Los Angeles riots*, I'd hand my neighbor the .22 AR as a spare long gun without a qualm. 
It looks scary and makes noise, which is important because the most important use of long guns in those scenarios was as a deterrent and, push-come-to-shove, it's a lot easier for a novice to operate and make hits with than any of the other spare long guns I have lying around. The thought of a marginally-trained person not much over five feet tall wrestling with a Garand or Mosin M44 on short notice is daunting; by comparison, a dot-sighted rimfire AR is practically an iGun."
I have one of those! Glad they come in black as I don't want a white one. (Not enough snow here to justify it.)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Batman Begins with a Glove

We all thought it was the belt that made him so effective, but if he had a crime fighting armored glove* he wouldn't have needed Robin or Batgirl.

* U.S. Department of Justice Tested and Kevin Costner Approved!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Pepper Spray Meme

Right Tool at the Right Time or as I like to call it: OPTIONS. Like this one.

And while we are on the subject...

Black Friday Shoppers Pepper Sprayed

aurich This one is for Megyn "Pepper Spray Is A Food Product" Kelly – What pepper spray does to your body:…Tue, Nov 22 11:58:02 from Twitter for Mac
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WIREDInsider The Pepper Spray Meme is...spicy:, Nov 22 10:28:48 from SocialOomph
darthvader I see you have purchased your own pepper spray. Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen.Tue, Nov 22 23:15:17 from Twitterrific
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Defense Experiment

A friend sent me the link to Legion's Fate blog and an experiment for shooting through drywall. They test the conventional wisdom that a shotgun is preferable to a rifle or handgun for self defense in the home when there is a risk of an errant round passing through a wall and hitting a loved one or neighbor.

The conclusion...
"For fun, we also shot a .38 Special MagTec frangible round, a .357 magnum Glaser Safety Slug, and a Black Hills 124 grain +P 9mm at the walls, and all of them went straight through the five walls and into the woods. High velocity small mass bullets hitting something hard like drywall makes them break up and slow down, and low velocity high mass bullets just keep going."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funny - Stools and The USBFF

Sam Venable discusses the latest in self-defense: A motel clerk ran off a would be thief by defending himself with a stool.

I prefer Smith & Wesson.

From Brick O'Lore