Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Xiegu X1M: X1MKII

So we have the X1M which is listed as the v2.01 edition on the manufacturer's web page. And Sparky has pictures and specs of X1MKII.

I'm making an assumption based on the name and the fact that he has pictures of the X1M and X1MKII together that they are both Xiegu rigs. It should be no surprise that the naming conventions are creating some confusion - at least for me. (As I go deeper down the rabbit hole, I'm less convinced this is true -keep reading.)

My Google-Fu leads me to this Chinese forum and 49 pages of comments about the X1MKII. I read lots of the pages - too many excited, but irrelevant posts - to make information gathering easy A circuit diagram from the first post.

BG8HT, who is posting this information, has a blog. Here are some specs from a later post including a note about the model being X1N (tentative). Then I see on his blog where the name changes from the X1N to the X1MKII.
Released some details of the parameters:
Model: X1N (tentative)
transceiver Frequency range: 0.5 ~ 30MHz
contain all WAC-band, the amateur bands assurance indicators optimal;
Mode: SSB / CW / NFM / AM / RTTY / the FSK
output power: 8W @ 12.5V
internal standing wave detection, power detection / protection
Output Power 1 ~ 10W ​​continuously adjustable
built-in automatic key, pre-amplifier, pre-fader with AGC, ALC, NB, RIT, SPL.MEM commonly used functions such as digitized FM launch
external ATU interface, audio input and output ports, external PTT control, CI-V interface
receiver sensitivity: better than 0.3uV (available)
transmitter spurious @ harmonics rejection: better than-45dBc (amateur band)
In trying to decipher the translations, BG8HT may have bought the X1M as a kit. I can't tell if he is just testing it and reporting his findings or if he has a closer relationship to Xiegu. I'm even fuzzier on what is going on with the X1MKII. Now I'm wondering if it is even a Xiegu project.