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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chinese Mobiles

Here is a great overview of the current/future (can you say KG-UV920R?) Chinese mobiles. There is info on the following radios:

Wouxun KG-UV920R
Vero VR-6600
Baojie BJ-UV55
TYT TH-9800
Qixiang Science & Technology AT-588UV

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

KG-UV920R: "No Update" Update

I hesitate to post this as there is still no real news, but CheapHam had a note in their newsletter about the KG-UV920R:
"Wouxun KG-UV920R - We have received many inquiries about the new Wouxun Dual Band mobile. Latest word from the factory is that the unit is still under certification. The release date nor firm pricing have been released yet. Hopefully soon. We are a direct importer of Wouxun products and in constant communication with the factory. Stay tuned for any breaking news."
Ed, at Import Communications, also posted an update earlier in the month:
".......January 01, 2012 Update......
I recently operated this radio while in China.
Wouxun says this radio will be ready in November-December.
I would not expect to see it Certified and for sale until March-April."
I could read that as both good news for 2012 or, given the date he posted it, another scenario where it won't be ready until 2013.

You can subscribe to the CheapHam newsletter on their site. The latest one has a discount code for buying the Wouxun KG-UVD1P for $94.95 after the $5 discount. Or you can get the for Wouxun KG-UVD1P Special Package $139.95. Use WOU-5 as the coupon code when checking out.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KG-UV920R: Forever

I cannot find the message anymore, so I am guessing it got deleted from the thread, but I thought this was a pretty funny comparison:
This radio is going to end up being the "Duke Nukem Forever" of radios.
Most of you will have no idea what that means. There was a computer game
released in 1996 called "Duke Nukem 3D". The sequel to that was suppose to
be "Duke Nukem Forever". There are screenshots and videos of development
versions of that game going back to 1997. It was released this year after
the original development studio ran out of funds to continue development.
As the years went out, they added more and more things that other games had
come out with. Mostly graphics technology. All due to the main guy in
charge going on a perfection bender.
Maybe this radio won't be just like that. But it is very much past due and
that's reminding me of the game. The "Forever" in the title was a joke for
more than a decade. When it finally did come out? Complete junk. I wouldn't
play it unless they paid *me*.
Keisha also makes an appearance to assure us that the radio is real.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

KG-UV920R: The Latest

So the Wouxun web page at Andrews Communications Systems in Australia has everyone stirred up again because of these lines:
"Due Jan/Feb., 2012"
"Compare to TM-D710A!"
"Lee operated a sample KG-UV920R at the October, 2011, Hong Kong fair. Yes, this transceiver does exist, hi!"
So Ed laid hands on one a few months ago and now Lee has, too.

The next tidbit is that we should compare it to the Kenwood D710A, so others began speculating about APRS or packet modes.

As Andy Griffith said, "don't over expect". No APRS and no packet with the
920R. The radio is supposed to be finished in December. Don't look to purchase
one that's certified until February or March from what I was told.
I think I am repeating myself, but time will tell.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

KG-UV920R: Rumors Again

I'm feeling better and am a little feisty, so I figure I might as well stir things up again. (And to really point fingers, it was Moleculo on the WorldWideDX forum that brought it up.)

A Chinese company has 668 KG-UV920R units for sale for $315 USD.

Good luck with that. If you like that deal, then I have a bridge or two you might want to buy. But seriously, $315 would be disappointingly high.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ed of responds to this thread about the "as of yet missing in action" KG-UV920R mobile rig from Wouxun:
"If it was a hoax, it was a nice looking one that weighed about 3 pounds. Last October, I held it in my grubby little hands, turned its knobs, took its picture, even tried to sneak it into my bag, so it did exist. I have my theory as to why it hasn't made it to market but I'll keep that to myself. If it's at the show this October, I'll let you know.

Pictures added to the Photos section.



Below is one of the pics he posted. (Join the Yahoo Group if you want to see the other one.) I think the mobile rig will appear. I am guessing that they have run into some technical challenges, supply chain issues, cost problems, or all of the above that has delayed its arrival. Even if it never shows up, I would not assume it was because the KG-UV920R was a hoax. I think Hanlon's Razor applies.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wouxun Dayton Surprise

As I reported earlier, Ed from said he would have a surprise at Dayton. He said it would not be the KG-UV920R, but I was hoping for new hardware of some sort... instead, Dayton attendees could pick up a KG-UVD1P for $85! Price of $85 confirmed here. Amazing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wouxun Price To Remain Flat

Maybe I spoke too soon about the Wouxun price increase, but Ed is a credible source. The problem is that the other Ed, also credible, says he will not be having a price increase. See the exchange below.
"Actually you're over by 40% in that example.
Wouxun.US will have no price increase for the foreseeable future.

Ed Griffin
Dayton, North Hall #175-176"
Followed by:

We'll see. I was quoted a price increase effective May 1st. I haven't reordered yet this month so we'll see when I do. I hope they don't shoot themselves in the foot by 1) a price increase or 2) more rumors (like the mobile).


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wouxun Mobile (KG-UV920R) - Vaporware?

I've been hoping for the release of Wouxun's KG-UV920R for some time now. Speculation was rampant that it would do for mobile radios what the KG-UVD1P did for HTs - a low price and lots of features.

Ed Griffin, from, recently posted this on a radio forum:
"No word on the mobile. But I will have a surprise at Dayton, and no it's not the mobile."
Ed Greany, another reseller who provides a lot of support to the Wouxun community, had this to say on the same forum:
"Personally, I'm REALLY tired of hearing about it. It's been over 6 months since it was leaked and there is absolutely NO word from China as to 1) IF it exists, 2) WHEN it will be released, 3) IF it will be Certified or 4) WHAT the price might be.

I stopped answering these inquiries. I suggested long ago that people STOP inquiring about it since that only drives the price up due to the spirited interest. High demand = High price. Some people just don't understand the evonomics of that principal.

Basically, all the U.S. dealers want it to come out and want to sell it. That's what we are in business for. None of us know any more information than you presently know right now. My most recent inquiry was "it is still in testing." Does that mean Wouxun's Test Lab or FCC Certification Lab or some highschool kid's chemistry lab. Nobody knows!

For now, pretend it was a dream and it really does not exist."
Makes me think I should start looking for alternatives for a dual band, dual receive, cross band repeating mobile rig.