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Friday, July 12, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R and TDXOne TD-Q8: Menu Comparison

Just a comparison of the menus of the two radios as part of Nate's analysis.

28 DEL-CH PF1 (Side Key Fn)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: TDXOne

Nate has been surfing around the interwebs again and is having some fun with YABUV5RC (Yet Another Boafeng UV-5R Clone).

The BaofengGate Conspiracy

From all the Baofeng UV-5R clones we've seen in the past two+ years, this gets the prize for being the most "original".

It all started after I've spotted a seller named "A-plugs" or "A-Plus" selling this radio in their virtual AliExpress store 913499:

Firstly, they have an original name: TDXone

They have changed as much as they could:
- Volume knob.
- Antenna connector (and a different looking antenna).
- Speaker 'grill'
- Location and shape of the RX/TX LED
- The side buttons are both under the PTT, and are both black.
- Shape and location of the VFO/MR and the A/B buttons.
- The belt clip.
- And the charger looks different too.

The specs shows it to be the version where you can either have a standard 144/440 MHz radio or a 220/440 MHz radio. (See the note here regarding versions.)

Now changing labels and plastic is a very Chinese like thing to do, but changing the antenna connector? This is very suspicious.

Then I found the culprit: From the state of Ohio: Universal Radio Inc - apparently, this just appeared about two weeks ago on their website: TDXONE TD-Q8 HT.

This radio is also sold on eBay, but get this, only by Americans. Two sellers, one a company called Lentini Communications, Inc from Berlin, Connecticut, and the other is also from Ohio, that not only claims to beat "Universal" in price, but that the radio is graded IP65.

There you go, the BaofengGate conspiracy is solved.

(And I waited so long to post this, Nate kept digging. - Brick)

The BaofengGate Conspiracy Part II

Some more information about the 'conspiracy':
The domain: belongs to Universal Radio Inc.
I believe the eBay seller from Adamsville, OH, is Walter KD8HWG.
The radio appeared several month ago, maybe around April.

There is a weird claim that keeps repeating itself about this clone:
128+128 Memories, what is that about?

TDXone logo:

Software Download

This frequency range post here is interesting. Universal talks about the frequency range, but fails to mention that there is a 220 version. The 220/440 versions cover 219-225 MHz, The good people of Universal, left the specs as 245-246 MHz which is really only interesting to you if you want to use it in Thailand.

And looking at the TDXONE TD-Q8 Controls:

- Is "#" the confirm button? For UV5Rs, you press the MENU button again to confirm an action.
- On the bottom left: Scan? What happened to the Monitor function?
After examining the users manual (keep reading), I found out that the graphics was misleading, MENU still confirms changes, and the monitor function still exists.

Menu comparison chart is here.

Yet another American company has it: Radio Inc

Users Manual is here (PDF).

Anderson Communications from Australia also has it. His version is TD-Q8AH with a "super high capacity battery".

From the manual I've learned that the menus are slightly different, and you can change the functionality of one of the side buttons, edit channel names, and the ANI.

They also added PL/DCS scanning.

(And I still didn't get it posted, so he dug some more... - Brick)

The BaofengGate Conspiracy Part III

Also has it too...

But they call it Tongdaxin TDX1 Q8.

Which brings a whole slew of more information: carries the name Tongdaxin.

Their website, shows that this radio is actually 3 sub models:


And there is the TDX-Q8-silver which has the same case as the TDX-Q8(BH); they might be the same radio.

A clone that looks like a simply relabeled UV5Rs: TD-Q6
A clone with an interesting keypad layout: TDX-Q7
And something that looks new and probably not on market: TDX-Q10
Of-course you have a bunch of the usual commercial radios.

(After all that, all I have to add is I think the picture at the beginning of the post makes this the perfect HT for a Cylon - 70's version. - Brick)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baofeng UV-82 and UV-5R: Fight!

John (K3NXU) and Hans (PD0AC) both take a look at the UV-82 and the inevitable comparisons to the UV-5R are made.

Hans starts off with this:
"If you hate lengthy reviews: this is mainly a Baofeng UV-5R in disguise. If this is all you wanted to know you can leave now."
There is a lot more detail, so check it out.

"So what is your current favorite Baofeng if you were buying new without owning anything? What is your current favorite Chinese HT overall?"
"For ham radio use the UV-B5 / UV-B6. While boring in appearance and lacking fancy options, these radios deliver. When price is less important, Wouxun is still the way to go (or maybe the Quansheng TG-UV2 if you don’t need DTMF)."
So, I still feel that the UV-B5/UV-B6 continues to fly under the radar. That's despite the love it has been getting on the AR-15 site. BTW - that thread alone has created about 30 new licensed hams.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Yuehong YH-A8

If it walks like a Baofeng UV-5R and quacks like a Baofeng UV-5R, then the Yuehong YH-A8 is a Baofeng UV-5R. Discussion of this identity confusion is here.

Given the Yuehong website has this image on their main page (note the Baofeng label) and that Baofeng radios dominate their product page, I'm thinking the YH-A8 is nothing new.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: SSTV

So we have the UV-7DS D-Star model along with the ability to open the UV-5R to almost limitless frequencies... and now we have K3NXU with SSTV on his UV-5R!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: Tri-band

I have not been paying much attention to the tri-band posts on the UV-5R (instead looking at the TYT TH-UV3R running 220 or the 2M/220 specific model of the UV-5R). The following post did catch my eye with its certainty that it works on all newer firmwares.

Instructions on how to make all recent UV_R5 radios run 200 band wiith 136+400mh
"I have just come back to the forum after a month or so and I am suprised to see the big response there is to my original post . Look there is no debate if it works or not------------it does.All UV-R5 radios- Firmware BFB291 and Newer-will TX-RX 220 with 2 meter and 440. I have done this to 3 radios The new 220 radio is a ADVERTISEING GIMMICKbaofeng did not advertise that all the new radios would be 220 and did not release instructions-I discovered this through trial and error 
This is exactly how to do it.
This method is for Firmware BFB291 and Newerto find your firmware --turn on radio while holding the 3 button- look at screen 
download this program BF5R_VIP_v120725_BFB291_ENG(VB6).zip
from here-----
these instrucktions assume your radios cable driver is installed correctly if they are not this program can be used to get them going.
1---unpack zip ---install and launch program.
2---press comunication menu and click com 3
3- plug in radio and press the-- Other-- menu
4--click the check box that says work band-it will switch from 136-174/ 400-520 to 136-174/ 200-260 --type in 200 to 260 in the UHF boxs.
5--- press write to radio on the 'Other' menu--your radio led will flash during download.
6-- press VFO button on radio to VFO mode and you will see on channel A__ the 400 band number has changed to 200.000you can now program 200 band simplex--- and repeters on the radio- -2 meter and 400 band programs will continue to work.
7--now that the radio has been switched to 200 bandPress the 'program' button on software --press ""read from radio"" this will switch the software so that the spread sheet will take 200 band.
8-- press the edit menu -press channel informmation you will see the 2 meter-and 400 repeters that are on the radio on the spread sheet and now it will accept 200 band programing but not 400.
9-- press program menu --press write to radio and now 2 meter -400 and 200 band programs will be working all at the same time!!!!!!
9-- remember!! first you must switch the radio 200 0r 400 with the '' Other"" menu, Then upload back to the software to program with the spread sheet.-- then write back to the radio to make allthem work.To use 200 with 400 and 2 meter the frequencys you want to use must be in a program.
10-- Follow theses instrucktions and you will have a 3 band radio instead of 2 Do this before you say it doesnt work!!!!

Maybe all radios are tri-band. I should pull out my UV-3R and see if I can work some DX on 20M. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Baofeng UV-5R: 2M/220 Gone and Back

They were gone.

marksenk Seems that the 220 MHz version of the Baofeng UV-5RAX is no longer being sold on Amazon #hamr Any other sellers?Sat, Apr 13 23:15:16 from SenseTwit

And now they are back.

marksenk Baofeng 220 Mhz radios return to Amazon with the UV-5CAX and UV-5RCX - one even has a user reviewSun, Apr 21 00:31:27 from SenseTwit

Get one here: Baofeng UV-5RAX 144/220 Transceiver

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baofeng UV-3R: Firmware Hacking

I'm way behind on this topic, but I am posting this in case you haven't see it at all. Lior is working on a custom firmware for the UV-3R. (He started with the UV-5R, but moved to the UV-3R when the project looked to be easier.)

If you have suggestions for features, he's started a thread on the UV-3R Yahoo Group.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: UV-5RAX 2M + 220

"It works, with a few small issues. The radio was marked with a decal in the battery compartment as a 2m/440 radio. A call to Radio-Mart told me to check the antenna markings and power up, sure enough the little rubber attenuator is marked 2m/220 and using a charged battery from my 440 unit the display shows 220. When using the latest VIP programming it will allow me to place the 222 freqs in but chirp will not allow it (the chirp is a one month old nightly) 
Power on with holding the #3 key says BFB-296. Talked last night on the net with no issues. All the accessories such as the extended battery and car adaptor are also fine. Only distinguishing cosmetic is the front labelling with some reflective type as a dual band If you needed an extra battery for your 2/70 uv-5ra then this is only 35 bucks more for another radio with a 220 band. It was shipped rather quickly also. So far so good." 
"Need to get a sma to pl adaptor to check actual power."

Friday, March 22, 2013

Import Communications: Exclusive and New Baofeng Versions

I had not previously posted anything about the Baofeng F-11 from Import Communications. It is a custom version of the UV-5R specially made for Import Communications with an exclusive firmware (USA349). Some have been critical of the F-11 for being slightly more expensive and having no real difference from the UV-5R (see this thread). I've not got one in my hands, so I can't say it is any better, but I would also remind them that part of the price is the service you get with it. (For example, I have seen where Ed is updating the firmware on the Anytone AT-5888UV radios he sold.)

In any case, the reason for my post is that Ed says he is about to have a 2M/220 version of the F-11:
"I will have a 2m/220 version of my Baofeng F-11 in a couple weeks."
I know that will make some people very happy.

He goes on to say that he will have a new Baofeng HT to compete with Wouxun and TYT:
"I will also have a new dual band HT from Baofeng using the more expensive chip, which can provide more user features than the present Baofeng radios. This will put the radio more in line with the Wouxun and TYT models."
Did I mention it sounds like it will be a fun summer for radios?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: UV-5RAX 2M + 222

marksenk New Baofeng UV-5RAX covers 144 & 222 MHz ham bands - Available March 10 on Amazon for $49 #hamrTue, Mar 12 11:28:24 from The Visitor Widget

A Radio-Mart exclusive at Amazon: Baofeng UV-5RAX 144/220 Transceiver for $49.99 USD. I'd like for someone to try this out since people tend to have a strong opinion about Radio-Mart.

Baofeng UV-5R: Bad Batch?

Hans is hearing that some of the latest versions of the UV-5R are having problems. He's looking for data, so if anyone has done some measurements, please head over his way and let him know about your findings.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: Officially Old News

Roberta X has a Baofeng UV-5R, so we can now officially say that it is well past the cutting edge phase and is quickly moving toward whatever the modern equivalent of a boat anchor is.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boafeng UV-5R: New Models

marksenk Just wondering when the 2014 Baofeng UV-5R model will start being sold - "2013 model" appeared in UV-5R ebay descriptions 5 months ago!Sun, Jan 13 04:04:21 from web
They will be available as soon as the Baofeng marketing guy sees a drop in sales. Here is a reminder about the differences between the models from October:
"We receive many emails asking if we have different UV-5 models. We were also asked if we have the New 2013 latest UV-5 Baofeng has taken the standard UV-5R and packaged it on many different cases. ALL of these new model numbers are the SAME RADIO, no different from one to another but just a different name. There are no 2013 models unless you have a time machine, They talk about extended freq coverage, that change is made in the new software they released, not in the radio. So, pick the case design you like and go with that, your getting the same radio. Hong Kong and Chinese sellers like to confuse you and make you think your getting something different but your not. Better buy from a US Seller that will back the warranty in the USA."

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baofeng Shop and Website

Hans noticed that Baofeng has a new website (his post, their site), and I noticed an additional link to the Baofeng Shop. The shop is populated with lots of radios, but they all say $0. Some of the links are broken.

So are they working on cutting out the middle man?

I'll dig a little more, but I found the site interesting.

(And if someone wants to explain this other linked site, that would be cool:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: Truth

This is funny because is it is true...
"Hmmm... To get it to work properly, you need to push [the AAA battery case] in hard until it snapsinto place.
The company that makes the battery cases must also make USB programming cables.
John K3NXU"
In case you aren't familiar with the issues, being a body builder is a requirement to make the programming cable work.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Anytone AT-588UV: Delay and A Risque Picture

So Kight Radio is reporting a delay in the certification of the AT-588UV. I'm becoming a little gun shy about being an early adopter. (I'm pretty sure my UV-5R has several of the bugs that were reported in the first few batches.)

While we wait, Hans (PD0AC) has a NSFW* picture of the AT-588UV undressed!!!!

* Okay, not really "not safe for work", but I've always wondered if my traffic would jump if I posted anything about sex, nudity, NSFW, etc.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yahoo Group Numbers

The Yahoo Group for the Baofeng UV-5R is insane.

Since it started nine months ago, there have been over 11,000 messages - averaging almost 1,250 per month. September and October will both be over 2,000 each. At this point, it is almost unusable for me. I don't have the time to wade through that many messages - especially when they are mostly repeat issues. Most of which could be solved by searching the group or visiting sites like

A couple of points of reference...

The UV-3R group had about 3,000 messages over the same nine months. It broke 1,000 messages in a month once (Sept.). The Wouxun group had just over 2,000 for the same period and has never had more than 1,000 messages in a month going back to its start in 2009.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baofeng UV-5R: Standardizing

No, not the models... you will get a new model name anytime Baofeng thinks they can make an extra buck.

I'm referring to KD7LRJ's decision to standardize on the Baofeng UV-5R. Given the cost and features, he has picked the UV-5R as his standard. He only has to learn one radio, can limit the different types of software required to program the radios, and can commonize the accessories.

He goes in to much more detail about his process and some of the pros/cons here.