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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rules for Recruiting

As more information comes out about UT's NCAA woes (here, here, here), I have come up with the universal rules for recruiting.

1. Don't cheat.
2. If you cheat, don't get caught.
3. If you get caught, don't lie.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glock Announces New Pistol

John G.* has forwarded an exciting announcement from GLOCK. Apparently, they've been working in secret on a new model in a facility in Colorado. You heard it here first!

15 April 2011, 11:00 CET

GLOCK Announces New RM Line of Pistols

****** NOT FOR RELEASE *******

GLOCK Ges.m.b.H.
P.O. Box 9
A-2232 Deutsch Wagram

Today, Glock announces the next pistol in the evolution of its GLOCK “Safe Action” Pistols – the GLOCK RM. The top product among the small arms of the world is without doubt the GLOCK "Safe Action" pistol. It employs innovative safety features which makes the pistol easy to operate. No other pistol offers a better price-performance ratio. Its minimum weight and legendary GLOCK reliability are unsurpassed. With the new GLOCK RM, the weight is significantly reduced as is recoil through the use of a revolutionary alloy – Rearden Metal. These pistols are specifically designed to defend against looters and Project X.

It is exactly these characteristics that make the Glock RM perfect for individuals to take responsibility for their own security. Extremely tough tests by the top scientific minds prove time and time again that GLOCK "Safe Action" pistols function without compromise, even under the most extreme conditions.

Safe and ingeniously simple: Contrary to conventional, the trigger is the only operating element. All three pistol safeties are deactivated when the trigger is pulled -and automatically activated when it is released.

Unique GLOCK hi-tech surface refinement for barrel and slide. Apart from optimum corrosion protection and anti-reflective finish, a degree of hardness of 64 HRC - close to that of a diamond - is achieved.

Corrosion resistant, tougher than polymer and still 53% lighter. GLOCK pistols were the first industrially manufactured handguns with high-tech polymer frames and now GLOCK makes the next leap forward with Rearden Metal. These pistols will be hand crafted in our new Colorado facility.

The first pistol released will be the GLOCK 19 (9x19mm) with model #: 10-289.

Your GLOCK Pistol Set will include:
1 x GLOCK "Safe Action" RM Pistol
1 x Speed loader
3 x Magazine
1 x Cleaning set
1 x Instruction's manual (1000+ Pages authored by A. Rand)
0 x Cable Lock (US only)

Pricing will be announced shortly, but please note that payment must be made in gold.

* Who is John G? I would tell you, but it would take 70 pages or a three hour speech.