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Monday, September 10, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Wouxun Reviews the KG-UV920R

Wouxun reviews the Wouxun KG-UV920R... and no surprise, they like it!

Review for KG-UV920R 

��Review for the First Homemade Dual Band Mobile Radio KG-UV920R

Concerning about WOUXUN, the Dual Band Handheld KG-UVD1 was highly impressed by
the most of the national hams, which is the first Dual Band Handheld in China
and had been successfully upgraded to the complete version KG-UVD1P. KG-UVD1P is
regarded as the Dual Band Handheld with the best performances currently, even
though the price is a little higher than other domestic brands. Most of the
national hams happily accept it because of its quality, considering KG-UVD1P a
sound investment.

KG-UVD1P commands a very good market not only nationally but also all over the
world. It is publicly recommended and reviewed by Amateur Radio Magazines
oversea. There were many foreign hams attending in the SEANET International
Conference in Shanghai in 2010, showing the great interests in this transceiver.
They got it because of its competitive price and strong features. Quanzhou
Wouxun Electronics Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer for the Dual Band
Handhelds in China. As developments continues, there are more and more
manufacturers for the Dual Band Handhelds, however, the Dual Band Mobile Radio
is still in vacancy. It is heard that WOUXUN started developing a Dual Band
Mobile Radio, and got the Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate
by the National Radio Management Mechanism. However, we had been waiting for its
official marketing until 2012. All products of WOUXUN are strictly manufactured
according to the national requirements. It is highly appreciated and responsible
for them to be proactive to apply for the Type Approval. As all known, the radio
equipment with the Type Approval is much easier for the National Hams to apply
for the legitimate license. The CMIIT ID for the mobile radio KG-UV920R is

The WOUXUN transceivers not only Handhelds but especially the new mobile are
consistently with the unique appearance and the high-end designing concept. We
are lucky to get the sample to test and evaluate at the first time. Hereby, I
would love to share the review for the new mobile radio KG-UV920R with you all
as followings.

KG-UV920R is advertised the DUAL slogan, Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Receive,
Dual Speaker, Duplex Cross-Band Repeat, Dual Control Interface. In summary,
KG-UV920R is a mobile radio with the Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Frequency and
Dual Output.
Appearance& Designment
WOUXUN KG-UV290R is designed with the standard size for vehicle units, while the
size is 140*44*27mm and the volume is almost the same as FT-8800R/TM-V71A.
KG-UV920R is integrated with the detachable front panel from the radio body, and
the separate installation is able to one-line available, which means that the
Head line, the microphone cord and the speaker audio line are collected together
to one connecting cable of the radio body. There are flat and inclined
selectable for the front panel, while the inclined switchboard panel is the
standard package which is easier for the users to read and operate on the
inclined control panel when laying it on the vehicle units. The inclined
switchboard panel was used on Marantz GX3000 before and got the sound
impression. I love this designment, as the old mobile radios were used as fixed
station with the flat switchboard panel, and you had to use an extra mobile
mounting bracket to have a inclined view from the flat panel. This cute
designment is helping KG-UV9230R to be more brilliant and substantial solid, not
necessary to incline the radio body.

It is sweety for WOUXUN to offer the mobile mounting bracket for installing the
separated radio body and the long extension cable as the standard accessories.
The connection cable uses the one with eight cores, of which the connector uses
the RJ45 PLUG easy for the Hams to transform. One more reminder that the line
sequence of the KG-UV920R connection cable is not the simple straight-through
and I suggest that the guys who love DIY read the instruction in page 10 of the
user manual about making a professional connection cable for this transceiver.

WOUXUN KG-UV920R is created to structure with the cast aluminum, so the bottom
is easy to cool down the radio. There is a special devise that there are four
standing legs around four sides to make the whole body a little spare better for
the air moving. KG-UV920R is workable on high power transmission, so it is very
necessary for the radio to be configured with a cooling fan at the back of the
radio body.

This transceiver uses a 20mm fan on 12V 0.15A , much thicker than other brands,
to ensure that there is strong wind power. The fan uses the standard connector
with the main body, so it is convenient for the users to change new ones if
necessary. There is not much noise from the working fan, and it can link with
the PTT. Normally, the fan is working on condition that the transceiver
transmits, so it help the noise state in standby and keep the fan life. One more
feature of this fan is that the fan will automatically work if the temperature
is exceeding requirement even though the transceiver is not transmitting. You
should turn on the Over-temperature Detection in MENU 37 ahead, especially when
it is used in a hot workplace and high-load work. An intimate idea.

It is apparent to see that this transceiver is structured with two independent
speakers, one is big and one is a little smaller. I did detach this transceiver
and find that there are indeed two ultra-thin speakers. However, I guess they
are too close to make clear reception channels for both sides. There are
actually three speakers, two speakers structured on the radio body and another
one structured on the hand mic. The audio output from the hand mic is commonly
used in the professional mobile radios at the early stage, and it highlights its
benefits during the multi-vehicle radios and the remote separated installation.
There are three I/O connectors on the radio body, the hand mic connector on the
front panel, the PC connector by side and the double external speaker jack.
There are rubber cover to prevent from the duct and other small things. The PC
connector uses the RJ45 PLUG, which is able for the programming and connecting
two mobile radios for the offset repeating on the same band.

There are some creativities for the front panel on this transceiver. Firstly,
the large LCD screen, combining the charactor lattice with the preset symbol,
better than the traditional preset eight symbols and the M word strokes, even
though there is still a certain gap compared with the high density full lattice
screen on the imported high-end mobile radios. Secondly, there are three colors
selectable for the backlight, white, light blue and green. It is set in MENU 18,
MENU 19 and MENU20 relatively for the transmit, standby and receive mode. You
can set different colors respectively for the different work modes, so that you
can tell it easily. In addition, there are indicators accordingly. Thirdly, the
keys are used the hard plastic material and shined with the white backlight,
which is easy for the insufficient light. Moreover, the composite knob to adjust
the volume for two reception channels. I had thought it was for the volume and
squelch but actually it surprised me a lot. There is also the Chanel/Frequency
knob, but it is a little small because of the little space.

The hand mic of KG-UV920R is using a classical appearance and bulky size, which
integrates ultra-thin speaker and balances innerly, which make it a nice touch
and professional. The two ends of the spring wire are crystal and are easy to
swiftly change. The users can order the special length of the mic wire if
necessary. WOUXUN puts the hand mic(the one with the keyboard) as the standard
accessory, whereas the mic without keypad is the optional accessory. This hand
mic is not only supportable for the DTMF tone, but also for the remote
operations. The keypad layout of the hand mic is almost corresponding to the
front panel of this transceiver and it is even with the receiving/transmitting
LED indicator. The hand mic can be regarded as a remote controlled KG-UV920R.

This hand mic is using the popular RJ45 crystal connector to connect the
transceiver body controller positively. Although this installation takes up some
space of the panel, it can avoid some troubles of lengthening the extension
cable. Compared to some designment set by side, the positive connection is good
for the life of connectors. In the actual operations, the force of the
connectors is quite uniform and the pressing lines are not easy to be got loose
or twisted. In a word, this mic is well praised by its strong features,
well-made and good-touching, even better than some mics of the world-famous


WOUXUN KG-UV920R is Chinese and English selectable as the voice guide, which is
very frequently existed in Chinese transceivers. As a homemade mobile
transceiver, WOUXUN maintains this special function. There are two work modes:
Frequency mode and Channel mode. There are two options in Channel mode, the
channel number and the operating frequency display. KG-UV920R can be memorized
999 channels.Nowadays the memory spaces for the transceivers are very large.
KG-UV920R supports two receiving channels(left and right) to receive the UHF and
VHF signals respectively. There is configured by double covered potentiometers,
and the volume is separately adjustable for the left and right speakers. The
volume control seems traditional analogue mode, but actually it uses a CNC way
to adjust the volume. When the user is adjusting the volume knob,
correspondingly, there is a display for the adjusting volume level. The output
voice of KG-UV920R is very high, better for the users to receive the calls
clearly even you are in the noisy carriage. The squelch is using the complete
CNC way, and it is easy to press the key ��9/SQL�� to quickly enter the squelch
level menu in standby mode. The users can swiftly change the power
level(High/Mid/Low) via Key ��5/HL��. There are four power levels optional on
Menu 3. Mid power is divided into two levels(10W and 20W).

The keypad of WOUXUN KG-UV920R is designed to be very full-functional, which
does not strictly require the individual operations for the left and right work
area. It is unique that most keys are with dual functions, and it is convenient
to directly input the menu number to get the expected function.

KG-UV920R is able to input the frequencies directly via keypads(both keypads on
mic and on transceiver). This is a brand new design, which is very convenient
for the users who purchase the transceivers mainly for receiving and do not
install the mic to swiftly switch the frequencies. In past, only the receivers
of U/V band mobiles were supportable for the function of inputting frequencies
directly. KG-UV920R requires the users to press the functional key ��2/MHz�� to
manually program the frequencies. It is not so familiar for the new users to
see that the number keys are defaulted to carry on the corresponding functions
at the first beginning.

KG-UV920R is also able to adjust the frequencies/channels by switching the knob.
But this knob is near the MIC plug and its size is small, it is not easy to
switch it when the mic is installed at the same time. The functional keys cover
almost of the common operations, which include squelch setting, output power,
work mode, scanning, left/right operating windows and receiving on single or
dual bands modes etc. So the users do not need to operate the complicated menu
frequently. TDR key is for switching single/dual bands�� receiving and
transmitting, and is very practical for the in-service operation. KG-UV920R can
be used as the repeater without reconfiguring, and only a connecting cable is
necessary to connect two transceivers as a repeater.

FM radio is a auxiliary function and it is really an enjoyment to use it to
listen to the broadcast programs in the spare time.

There are many practical functions configured on KG-UV920R, for example
scanning, CTCSS/DCS, CTCSS/DCS scanning, PTT ID, voice prompt,
scrambler(optional), remote control functions(including stun, kill and monitor)
and PC programming.

Transmitting Performance

The highest output power of Wouxun KG-UV920R is 50W (VHF) and 40W (UHF), and
working voltage is 13.8V. The RF amplifier of this transceiver uses the
MOSFET RD70HVF1 from MITSUBISHIS company, this component is extensively
used by the pop mobile radios manufacturer. The output power of RD70HVF1 can be
reached to 70W on 175MHz while 50W on 520MHz. It is obviously that the
KG-UV920R��s design is very reasonable, larger allowance will be less vulnerable
under the higher SWR value.

We tested the real output power and the current of the KG-UV920R, as well as the
sensitivity to voltage under high output power. The frequency range of this
tested transceiver is 136-174MHz & 400-480MHz, which is really large range.

������ UHF Band
400MHz 410MHz 420MHz 425 MHz 430 MHz 433 MHz 435 MHz 436 MHz 440MHz 445MHz
30.2W 28.7W 30.1W 41.9W 40.5W 40.1W 40.3W 40.3W 41.9W 39.4 39.1W
455MHz 460MHz 465MHZ 470 MHz 475MHz 479.995MHz
36.7W 32.3W 30.2W 20.2W 19.0W 19.7W
Note: Testing voltage 13.8V, High power
������VHF Band
136MHz 140 MHz 142mhz 144 MHz 145 MHz 146 MHz 148 MHz 150 MHz
30.7W 34.5W 30.7W 49.5W 49.7W 49.5W 34.1W 31.9W
155MHz 160 MHz 165 MHz 170 MHz 174.995 MHz
30.4W 24.2W 22.8W 22.0W 17.5W
Note: Testing voltage 13.8V, High power

From the above testing result, the KG-UV920R gets the expected power.

Then we tested the relationship of the transmitting voltage and power, the
testing equipment is KIKUSUI PAK20-18A, we tested the changes under different
voltage, and transmitting frequency we chose the UHF central frequency which is
the most concerned by the HAMS.

High poer Voltage Power Current
13.8V 39.7W 7.9A
13.0V 37.2W 8.2A
12.5V 35.4W 8.5A
12.0V 34.0W 8.7A
11.5V 31.4W 9.0A
11.0V 29.9W 8.6A

We found that the KG-UV920R with the compensating ability for the voltage
changes, if the voltage is decreased it will compensate by increasing the
current, in this case, the output power will less effect the reduced voltage,
but you will see this influence is lower than the other similar radios. Also,
the KG-UV920R with the alarm function, when the voltage is reduced to 11V during
the transmitting, it will come out a voice prompt.

Receptivity Testing
There is no indication from WOUXUN that KG-UV920R is available for the wideband
reception, but actually the receiving range is a little expanded. The available
receiving range is working in VHF:136-174MHz, UHF:350-480MHz, FM Radio receiving
in 65-108MHz.

This transceiver is with the Cross-Band Repeat function. For example, you set
the144.700MHz in the left band and set the left side to 144.700MHz and the right
side to 439.625MHz, and these two crossed bands can be twin receive at the same
There are independent signal indicator in both left and right sides, in addition
to the BUSY, there are nine divisions which means the signal strength and they
can be successively displayed. We have tested the actual signal strength in UHF
and get the following results:
NO.1 NO.2 NO.3 NO.4 NO.5 NO.6 NO.7 NO.8 NO.9
-132dbm -130dbm -128 dbm -127 dbm -126 dbm -125 dbm -123dbm -122 dbm -120 dbm
After testing, it is found that the radio signal is factually reporting the
receiving signals. However, we also see from the above table that the radio
signal of this transceiver is easy to get full, basically in -120dbm, 0.22mv has
got full.
It is seen that the receiving sensitivity is very high, for example, it is
0.18mv in 435MHz and 0.20mv in 145MHz, better than 0.25mv indicated in the user

Scanning Performance Testing

WOUXUN KG-UV920R with multiple scanning functions of frequencies and memory

We tested the speed of frequencies scanning under VFO (Frequency) mode, scanning
based on 10KHz step (total 1000 frequencies), it costs about 150 seconds, that
means the scanning speed of this KG-UV920R is approximately between 6CH/s and
7CH/s. It is not as good as the import mobile transceivers, but the scanning
speed is always a shortage of Chinese radios. However, this KG-UV920R��s
scanning speed is still faster than most of other Chinese handhelds. Besides the
frequency scanning, it also supports the CTCSS/DCS scanning to detect the
sub-tone parameters.

All in all, WOUXUN KG-UV920R surprises us a lot, especially its variety
functions. What��s more, its functional design has many outstanding advantages
against the domestic and abroad transceivers, and very considerable in details.
As the first marketing Chinese dual band mobile transceiver, this KG-UV920R with
a higher starting standard, even though it still has some ��bugs�� need to be

We strongly hope WOUXUN will keep introducing supreme products, and bring all
HAMs the cheaper but higher performance radio equipment in future.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV6D: FCC Update

There are some new entries on the FCC site for Quanzhou Wouxun Electronics Co., Ltd. (Go the the FFC site here and type WVT for Wouxun in the "Grantee Code" field to see all the files.) I was hoping to see a new entry for the KG-UV920R, but, alas, no. Looks like they want all models of their radios to share the same FCC ID. From the cover letter:
"We declared, added models KG-UVD1P, KG-UVD1P V2, KG-UV2D, KG-UV2D V2, KGUV3D, KG-UV3D V2, KG-UV5D, KG-UV5D V2, KG-UV6D V2, KG-UV6D-E, KG-UV6D-A, KG-UV6D-R, KG-UV6X, KG-UV7D, KG-UV7D V2, KG-UV8D, KG-UV8D V2, KG-UV9D, KG-UV9D V2, KG-UVA1, KG-UVA1 V2, KG-UVA2, KG-UVA2 V2 basis of the original models KG-UV6D. These models are identical circuit, PCB LAYOUT to the original model, only the appearance and name are different. All models sharing the same FCC ID without permissive change would be electrically identical."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

KG-UV920R: "No Update" Update

I hesitate to post this as there is still no real news, but CheapHam had a note in their newsletter about the KG-UV920R:
"Wouxun KG-UV920R - We have received many inquiries about the new Wouxun Dual Band mobile. Latest word from the factory is that the unit is still under certification. The release date nor firm pricing have been released yet. Hopefully soon. We are a direct importer of Wouxun products and in constant communication with the factory. Stay tuned for any breaking news."
Ed, at Import Communications, also posted an update earlier in the month:
".......January 01, 2012 Update......
I recently operated this radio while in China.
Wouxun says this radio will be ready in November-December.
I would not expect to see it Certified and for sale until March-April."
I could read that as both good news for 2012 or, given the date he posted it, another scenario where it won't be ready until 2013.

You can subscribe to the CheapHam newsletter on their site. The latest one has a discount code for buying the Wouxun KG-UVD1P for $94.95 after the $5 discount. Or you can get the for Wouxun KG-UVD1P Special Package $139.95. Use WOU-5 as the coupon code when checking out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Radio Indecision 2010

My waffling continues...

I'm still trying to decide what radio I want to buy. I've been reading reviews, forums, and other websites. Paralysis by analysis! The Yaesu FT-450AT has been added to the HF list. Lots of folks like the Icom IC-718, but I think I'd like to have the option of 6M. If I go with two rigs, then I'm looking at the Yaesu FTM-350R or the Wouxun KG-UV920R for 2M. The KG-UV920R isn't available yet, but I have hopes for it (in both cost and performance) based on my experience with their HT, the KG-UVD1P.

Option 1: FT-857D
Option 2: FT-450 + FTM-350R
Option 3: FT-450 + KG-UV920R
Option 4: IC-7000

My father-in-law brought over some RG-8X coax, a dummy load, and some connectors. This is in addition to the FT-817 he has loaned me, the power supply, and the quarter wave ground plane 2M antenna. He's gonna have me all setup except I won't have bought my own radio!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wouxon KG-UV920R: Review by Hans (PD0AC)

Hans reviews the KG-UV920R. His conclusion:
"The KG-UV920R isn’t a bad radio, but for €299.00 I expect it to be as good as the competition. That’s not the case – yet. If the described problems are solved, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one."
Check out his review for his reasoning. Sounds like a couple of fixes and a price reduction and it could still be the radio we were all hoping for.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Soon? Price?

Matt is hearing rumors that the KG-UV920R is soon to make an appearance. I would think his sources were pretty good. He is also speculating about the price. I think $250 is a good guess. When we first heard about the KG-UV920R, my guess was $200, but it seems that prices are rising as the Wouxun brand becomes stronger. At $200, it is a no brainer for me. At $250, I'm gonna do a little research as I might forgo a few features and get a Yaesu or Icom rig for similar money.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: CheapHam

From the recent newsletter:
"Wouxun KG-UV920R Mobile - We are please to announce that tesing is going well on the KG-UV920R. Our lab tests show excellent overall quality of the product. We are working with the factory to continue to improve the product and work towards FCC certification. We do not have a certification or general availability date at this time. We re also working with the factory to have more competitive introduction pricing. Additional details will be sent out to our newsletter readers as they become available."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Are you a betting man?

I'm not saying it won't show up next month. I'm not saying it won't show up at all. It has just been too long in coming for me to want to put any money on it. I'll stick with safer bets like sub-prime mortgages.

RadioG3OCR says:

KG-UV920R Mobile - It's Here! (Almost)

Martin Lynch & Sons in UK are taking orders NOW - with a delivery date of July this year - yes, next month. Firm price of UK£229.25 (including tax).
Multi-band Transmit/Receive - UHF: 400-520MHz, VHF: 136-174Mhz, FM (RX Only): 65-220MHz, AM: (1) 500-2000Khz (2) 50-500KHz (3) 2-30MHz
  • Dual Receive - Dual band simultaneous receiption
  • Dual Display - Wide LCD dual frequency display, with independent operation
  • Over 999 Memory changes - Different areas division
  • Strong and Stable RF Power (VHF: 50W / UHF: 40W)
  • Front Panel Separation - Convenient panel separation function simplify special installation
  • Cross-band Repeat - UHF & VHF cross-band repeat capacity
  • Dual Mobiles Same/Cross-band Repeat
  • QT/DQT
  • Humanized Speaker Setting
  • Caller ID Function - Shows the caller's ID code
  • Group Calls, All Calls and Selective Calls
  • 1750Hz Burst Tone

If the normal pricing system is followed, that probably means the price in N. America should be around US$250 - The UK sellers can never understand the correct exchange rate!

(G3OCR rushes off to poke the knife through the slot in the piggy-bank to see how much money is in there!)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: July Brochure

Wouxun posted an update to the Yahoo Group with a new brochure for the KG-UV920R. I wonder if "marketed" means available for sale/brought to market or just advertised.
WOUXUN FIRST MOBILE RADIO KG-UV920R is marketed this July. Please view the
product information on the leaflet which we uploaded on FILES:
Any suggestions or opinions, please feel free to keep us informed.
WOUXUN Electronics CO. Ltd."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ed of responds to this thread about the "as of yet missing in action" KG-UV920R mobile rig from Wouxun:
"If it was a hoax, it was a nice looking one that weighed about 3 pounds. Last October, I held it in my grubby little hands, turned its knobs, took its picture, even tried to sneak it into my bag, so it did exist. I have my theory as to why it hasn't made it to market but I'll keep that to myself. If it's at the show this October, I'll let you know.

Pictures added to the Photos section.



Below is one of the pics he posted. (Join the Yahoo Group if you want to see the other one.) I think the mobile rig will appear. I am guessing that they have run into some technical challenges, supply chain issues, cost problems, or all of the above that has delayed its arrival. Even if it never shows up, I would not assume it was because the KG-UV920R was a hoax. I think Hanlon's Razor applies.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wouxun Mobile (KG-UV920R) - Vaporware?

I've been hoping for the release of Wouxun's KG-UV920R for some time now. Speculation was rampant that it would do for mobile radios what the KG-UVD1P did for HTs - a low price and lots of features.

Ed Griffin, from, recently posted this on a radio forum:
"No word on the mobile. But I will have a surprise at Dayton, and no it's not the mobile."
Ed Greany, another reseller who provides a lot of support to the Wouxun community, had this to say on the same forum:
"Personally, I'm REALLY tired of hearing about it. It's been over 6 months since it was leaked and there is absolutely NO word from China as to 1) IF it exists, 2) WHEN it will be released, 3) IF it will be Certified or 4) WHAT the price might be.

I stopped answering these inquiries. I suggested long ago that people STOP inquiring about it since that only drives the price up due to the spirited interest. High demand = High price. Some people just don't understand the evonomics of that principal.

Basically, all the U.S. dealers want it to come out and want to sell it. That's what we are in business for. None of us know any more information than you presently know right now. My most recent inquiry was "it is still in testing." Does that mean Wouxun's Test Lab or FCC Certification Lab or some highschool kid's chemistry lab. Nobody knows!

For now, pretend it was a dream and it really does not exist."
Makes me think I should start looking for alternatives for a dual band, dual receive, cross band repeating mobile rig.

Monday, August 20, 2012

KG-UV920R: Programming from your PC

So the programming software for the KG-UV920R was uploaded to the Wouxun Yahoo Group. And it turns out that Wouxun has called the software: KG_UV920R Commander V0.1.0. Beta - Programming Software by Wouxun. Ed notes that Wouxun is aware they have appropriated the name "commander" that has been used by Jim for his popular KG-UV Commander software for quite some time.

I guess we should just be happy they didn't call it the Commander CHIRP programming software.

I also see you can get the USB programming cable on eBay now.

Updated after posting: VA3ISP has a fix for an import error when trying to use the software with an Excel file.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Yahoo Group

There is a Yahoo Group for the Wouxun KG-UV920R... 195 members and only 165 messages since it was created in late 2010. I'll join and see if it has anything to offer beyond what we see in the original Wouxun KG-UVD1P (etc.) group.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Dayton Appearance?

In response to a post on the Wouxun KG-UVD1 group, Ed said this about the KG-UV920R:
I would say, don't give up yet. If you happen to be at Dayton this year, stop
by North Hall spaces 175-176.
Ed Griffin
I'm guessing that means a demo unit, but nothing for sale. Not sure why Ed is choosing to be vague. If he is under an NDA then he is dancing near the line. If he isn't, I don't see what it would hurt to say either he has a demo or that he will have them for sale.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Drama Llama

Steve (Founder and Moderator of the Wouxun Yahoo Group):
"I know most all members are excitedly looking forward to release and availability of the KG-UV920R. Many recall this was an oft promised release for the last almost 2 years.
I have just learned from highly reliable sources that Wouxun has chosen to play "hardball" with all/many of its vendors by mandating that their retail pricing not be lower than the $320-330 range. Backing up this threat is Wouxun's warning that dealers violating this practice will be denied shipment of these units. I believe many of us had been led to believe they were working with a price point originally around $250 retail
Wouxun management is a member of our fine group and I am sure they would welcome your views. To avoid clogging this board with your reactions you may choose to email them directly at ""
We have numerous vendors and Wouxun management as members and I would welcome their clarification of Wouxun's position if I've misrepresented it."
Ed Greany (1 of 2 Eds that sell the Wouxun Radios):
"I'm sorry I cannot lend any clarification to this matter. This same story came up last year with regards to the handheld unit. I have never been notified by China of such a requirement."
And I agree with Adam:
"This is funny because it exactly resembles a certain case study in marketing I recall.  When your customers are expecting a lower price you temper their expectations by "leaking" pricing info in advance of the release that's much higher than desired, then "cave" to customer demand later, all the while reaping the benefits of free publicity and additional hype. Ed's recollection of a similar story about another unit only supports the idea that this is not much more than a marketing gimmick."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: eBay

Steve pointed out that the KG-UV920R is available on eBay for a mere $389.80. The listing says more than 10 available. You can add a warranty for $53.99.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Digital Insanity Images

So I just posted about a summary of the Chinese mobiles, but I wanted to point out one link to Locura Digital (Digital Insanity) and their images of the KG-UV920R.

I've said it before, if they don't hurry, we'll all be buying Baofeng mobiles!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wouxun KG-UV920R: Supply and Demand

Based on this post, the KG-UV920R may be coming out in July, but it sounds like long odds for getting one. I'm on the waiting list for one, but some of the recent Baofeng experiences with buggy initial versions has me gun shy. I don't recall any significant problems with the early Wouxuns, but I wasn't on the bleeding edge with them. And, of course, there is always the hope of something even better on the horizon - TH-9800.