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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please define: Gun Violence Victim

What qualifies someone to be a gun violence victim?

Being shot at?
Being shot?
Being shot twice?
Having a loved one shot?
Having a loved one shot and killed?
How about all of the above?

Apparently even answering all of the above is not sufficient if you are a Second Amendment supporter.

Linoge explains it all over at Walls of the City.

Definitely worth the click, some network bandwidth, and a couple of minutes to read.

The Gun Test - To Fail Means Jail

This should be enlightening...

They have some sort of test on the VolunteerTV web site.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wealth Inequality in America

The article: Wealth Inequality in America
"What this tells me is that Americans don’t understand the extent of disparity in the US, and that they (we) desire a more equitable society."
I disagree with the second part of that statement. The question (how should wealth be divided up) came with a condition - that you did not know which group you will find yourself a part of. That condition, I think, would encourage a reasonable person to hedge their bets.

We don't live in a perfect world. We are born into sin. Until the Revelation, there will be pain, suffering, and inequality. As TNJeff has told me on numerous occasions, in a perfect world, we'd all be democrats. But, it isn't a perfect world. Looters, get over it and quit wishing your life away. Be a producer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where do you draw the line?

I don't actually know where the line is, but I would think you could decide if you wanted people with guns in your home. I'm all for allowing people to own and carry guns, but this seems to step directly on another person's rights.

Ayn Rand - Separation of Economy and State

If you can't find the time to read the relatively short 1,000 page opus that is Atlas Shrugged (or even two hours for the movie), here is short video summary of her philosophy.

Thanks to TNJeff for pointing me to the video.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glock Announces New Pistol

John G.* has forwarded an exciting announcement from GLOCK. Apparently, they've been working in secret on a new model in a facility in Colorado. You heard it here first!

15 April 2011, 11:00 CET

GLOCK Announces New RM Line of Pistols

****** NOT FOR RELEASE *******

GLOCK Ges.m.b.H.
P.O. Box 9
A-2232 Deutsch Wagram

Today, Glock announces the next pistol in the evolution of its GLOCK “Safe Action” Pistols – the GLOCK RM. The top product among the small arms of the world is without doubt the GLOCK "Safe Action" pistol. It employs innovative safety features which makes the pistol easy to operate. No other pistol offers a better price-performance ratio. Its minimum weight and legendary GLOCK reliability are unsurpassed. With the new GLOCK RM, the weight is significantly reduced as is recoil through the use of a revolutionary alloy – Rearden Metal. These pistols are specifically designed to defend against looters and Project X.

It is exactly these characteristics that make the Glock RM perfect for individuals to take responsibility for their own security. Extremely tough tests by the top scientific minds prove time and time again that GLOCK "Safe Action" pistols function without compromise, even under the most extreme conditions.

Safe and ingeniously simple: Contrary to conventional, the trigger is the only operating element. All three pistol safeties are deactivated when the trigger is pulled -and automatically activated when it is released.

Unique GLOCK hi-tech surface refinement for barrel and slide. Apart from optimum corrosion protection and anti-reflective finish, a degree of hardness of 64 HRC - close to that of a diamond - is achieved.

Corrosion resistant, tougher than polymer and still 53% lighter. GLOCK pistols were the first industrially manufactured handguns with high-tech polymer frames and now GLOCK makes the next leap forward with Rearden Metal. These pistols will be hand crafted in our new Colorado facility.

The first pistol released will be the GLOCK 19 (9x19mm) with model #: 10-289.

Your GLOCK Pistol Set will include:
1 x GLOCK "Safe Action" RM Pistol
1 x Speed loader
3 x Magazine
1 x Cleaning set
1 x Instruction's manual (1000+ Pages authored by A. Rand)
0 x Cable Lock (US only)

Pricing will be announced shortly, but please note that payment must be made in gold.

* Who is John G? I would tell you, but it would take 70 pages or a three hour speech.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coat Tax

Another what's in a name post... death tax, Defense of Marriage Act, etc.

Let's see if "coat tax" sticks for fees associated with concealed carry permits.

(If your mission is to resist the Alliance's power grab and you carry concealed, then it is called the Browncoat tax.)

Via Snowflakes in Hell

Thursday, March 10, 2011

People are Good

People are good, but we can't trust them with a gun. So...

If People = Good then
 Trust = True then
  Private_Gun_Ownership = True else
   Trust = False then
    People = Evil then
     Private_Gun_Ownership = True

I think I just broke my computer.

Via Snarky Bytes

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Rights Protected

The Supreme Court ruled that the protests at military funerals are protected under the First Amendment. Sounds good to me. I'm all for protecting our rights. (Funny how some people pick and choose which rights they want to protect, but that's another story.)

However, when my friend's nephew died of complications from a gun shot injury he suffered while serving in the Middle East, I was very angry that there were threats that protesters would attend his funeral. There is a time and place for everything, but to make a political statement at the expense of a mourning family is in poor taste to put it mildly.

I was very glad that some members of Rolling Thunder offered to handle any protesters. Nothing came of it, but I am thankful that there are people willing to stand up for what is right and willing to deal with the legal consequences.

On a tangent, I happened to be in DC last year on Memorial Day and got to witness the Rolling Thunder ride. The video doesn't do justice to the number of riders and the roar from their motorcycles. It is truly deserving of the Rolling Thunder name.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Bills Proposed to Enhance Gun Rights

New proposals in Tennessee would allow permit holders to be exempt from background checks and the second paves the way for employees to have weapons on company property.

SB 0306
I don't buy a lot of guns, but it would be nice to skip the fee and paperwork. I don't know that this would aid in the privacy front, but it shouldn't hurt.

SB 0519
I'm ready for some legislation that protects my rights to carry any where. It makes my head spin that people thing little signs will keep the bad guys from bringing guns into a building.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guns - A Response

I had previously posted an exchange between me and friend on Facebook discussing the topic of guns. Here is her response:
"Brick - thanks for the offer, but I think I would cry and run away at the site of a gun. Not ever interested ever. Sorry.

If God's will is for me to be gone tomorrow because I couldn't protect myself in a bad situation and the lesson that other's learn from my death is strong that I would be completely at peace with my life and the blessings that he provided along the way.

Again - this is a long time stand. Nothing recent has changed or grown my statements from last week. My statement to my husband 13 years ago was that I could never live in a home with a gun - ever.

I value my friends' opinions and everyone's rights to carry as the laws allow today. Everyone has an opinion and a right to feel safe.

Thanks for sharing everyone -"
My previous response employed the traditional tools of rhetoric (logos, pathos, and ideals). I tried to appeal to her sense of right/wrong, attempted to tug at her emotions, and reason with her.

But it is hard to argue with faith. I understand her point, but I can't believe God wouldn't want me to protect my family if I had the option. I went so far as to look for Biblical support for my stance. I found several verses and interpretations that support my view. Being fair and balanced, I searched for counter-arguments and found several including the official position of the United Methodist Church on guns. (More on that in a later post.)

I decided that I would not reply to her. I appreciate that she did, but I felt like we were just in two different places in our beliefs and faith. Neither one of us is ready to be swayed. I will continue to study this issue.

Friday, February 18, 2011

How many rounds does a man need?

Stephen Hunter says a bunch.

John D/Mad Duck says if you need even one you are having a bad day.

During the Super Bowl, a commercial for the "Justified" TV series ran and included a parody of Dirty Harry's are you feeling lucky punk scene, but with semi-auto instead of the .44 magnum. I'm surprised it aired given the recent events in Arizona. I guess 17 doesn't count as high capacity.

On the subject of high capacity magazines, here is a video that shows how little difference a reload can make.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Guns in Switzerland - Follow-up

A follow-up to my post about proposed gun restricts in Switzerland... Swiss voters reject anti-gun initiative. I guess I can keep using the Swiss in my pro-2A discussions.

Via Snowflakes in Hell

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guns in Switzerland

I had seen this video and always thought it was a great argument for the 2A side... and now it appears that some Swiss citizens may lose their right to possess a gun.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

For the people...

An Alabama city wants to control what its employees post on their time, on their computers, using their personal accounts.

I love the quote in the stub on Slashdot:
"Anyone care to educate these clowns on the existence of the First Amendment?"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oak Ridge Mayor Signs Mayors Against Illegal Guns Letter

Tom Beehan signed the MAIG letter. On the one hand, I think we are all against illegal guns. On the other hand, these guys are idiots for thinking we are idiots. Seriously, aren't we all against bad things?

Guns and Health Insurance

Say Uncle discusses South Dakota lawmakers' proposal that all adults have to buy a gun for self-defense. He then points to Glen's discussion on the topic.

Interesting stuff... State lawmakers propose requiring firearms purchase, but some don't believe they have the right to do it. The Federal government is trying to force healthcare on its citizens. Many don't believe that is Constitutional. However, some are saying that the Federal government may have the authority to require gun ownership through its militia powers. Now we are talking!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liberals Aren't Experts on Guns

Anne gives us Chapter 217 on what liberals don't know about guns.
"On the other hand, for a homeowner who is a poor marksman, a large-capacity clip could be a lifesaver."
That's why my CZ holds 19 rounds.