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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Baofeng Version Notes from Nate

From Nate... he's compiled some information from the various links below. Corrections/additions are welcome.

Complete list of links:

General Radio Descriptions:
Comparison Chart:
FAQ (Myths and Facts)
Firmware Guide:

Also reference to:

Radio's currently listed on BaofengTech (Plus some additions):

Generation Zero:
UV-3R, 3R+ (UV-100, UV-100 MKII, UV-200, UV-200 MKII, UV-3R MKII, Vero Electronics UV-X4.
The improved Vero Electronics UV-X5 = TYT TH-UV3R probably belongs here too*).

First Generation:
UV-5R, UV5R+, UV-5RA/X, UV-5RC/X, UV-5RE (and most re-branded clones such as the Ronson UV-8R, the Waccom WUV-5R . 409Shop models - UV5R[A-Q] ** belong here too. also if they have + or UU after the model number, it just means that the frequency range was extended by software on the UHF band from 400-470/480 to 400-520, not an improved firmware ).

Slightly better receiver and newer firmware:
UV-B5, UV-B6, UV-82 (=UV82L), UV-82X (=144/220 Mhz model), UV-82C, (And probably the F11, BFUV66 and BFUV89 belong here too).

Second Generation:
GT-3, A-52, B-580T, BF-F8+ (Also BF-530I, BFE500S and maybe BF-F9+  ***).


* Vero Electronics UV-X5 = TYT TH-UV3R probably has some small changes in the filter section, similar to what RadioMart\Martyn was trying to do with the TYT TH-UVF9 that probably became the TYT TH-UVF9D.
** 409Shop models names UV5R[A-Q] might have added letters to indicate the color R/BLUE/CC 
*** Note the lack of [BAND] button on second gen radios that have the UV-5R form - the BF-F8+, the 409Shop's Baofeng BF-F9+ and possibly other clones that we will see in the future.

I hope this will put an end to the Baofeng/Pofung model variation confusion.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Vero Telecom VR-6600P

Hans has an update on some new Vero Telecom (VGC) products including the VR-6600P that looks a lot like a Yaesu FTM-350.
Whatever happened to their UV-X5 tri-bander? Maybe it ended up as this?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Import Communications Deal of the Day

Ed,, is doing some housekeeping and it might mean a good deal for you:

"Deal of the Day items are one-of-a-kind or limited quantity or specially priced items.
All items are new unless otherwise noted and all items are guaranteed free from undescribed defects
at the time of purchase. Any warranty issues must be handled thru the manufacturer if our inventory is depleted.

All Deal of the Day sales are final."

His current deal of the day is a TYT TH-UV3R plus an extra battery for $44.95 plus $7.00 shipping.

I'm tempted.

Head on over and check this and future deals out.

(Sorry for the raw link and lack of formatting. I mentioned that I might try using the Blogger app from my iPad Mini - well I am and this is what you get.  I may clean this up on a PC tomorrow. )

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baofeng UV-5R: Tri-band

I have not been paying much attention to the tri-band posts on the UV-5R (instead looking at the TYT TH-UV3R running 220 or the 2M/220 specific model of the UV-5R). The following post did catch my eye with its certainty that it works on all newer firmwares.

Instructions on how to make all recent UV_R5 radios run 200 band wiith 136+400mh
"I have just come back to the forum after a month or so and I am suprised to see the big response there is to my original post . Look there is no debate if it works or not------------it does.All UV-R5 radios- Firmware BFB291 and Newer-will TX-RX 220 with 2 meter and 440. I have done this to 3 radios The new 220 radio is a ADVERTISEING GIMMICKbaofeng did not advertise that all the new radios would be 220 and did not release instructions-I discovered this through trial and error 
This is exactly how to do it.
This method is for Firmware BFB291 and Newerto find your firmware --turn on radio while holding the 3 button- look at screen 
download this program BF5R_VIP_v120725_BFB291_ENG(VB6).zip
from here-----
these instrucktions assume your radios cable driver is installed correctly if they are not this program can be used to get them going.
1---unpack zip ---install and launch program.
2---press comunication menu and click com 3
3- plug in radio and press the-- Other-- menu
4--click the check box that says work band-it will switch from 136-174/ 400-520 to 136-174/ 200-260 --type in 200 to 260 in the UHF boxs.
5--- press write to radio on the 'Other' menu--your radio led will flash during download.
6-- press VFO button on radio to VFO mode and you will see on channel A__ the 400 band number has changed to 200.000you can now program 200 band simplex--- and repeters on the radio- -2 meter and 400 band programs will continue to work.
7--now that the radio has been switched to 200 bandPress the 'program' button on software --press ""read from radio"" this will switch the software so that the spread sheet will take 200 band.
8-- press the edit menu -press channel informmation you will see the 2 meter-and 400 repeters that are on the radio on the spread sheet and now it will accept 200 band programing but not 400.
9-- press program menu --press write to radio and now 2 meter -400 and 200 band programs will be working all at the same time!!!!!!
9-- remember!! first you must switch the radio 200 0r 400 with the '' Other"" menu, Then upload back to the software to program with the spread sheet.-- then write back to the radio to make allthem work.To use 200 with 400 and 2 meter the frequencys you want to use must be in a program.
10-- Follow theses instrucktions and you will have a 3 band radio instead of 2 Do this before you say it doesnt work!!!!

Maybe all radios are tri-band. I should pull out my UV-3R and see if I can work some DX on 20M. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TYT TH-UV3R: More Tri-band Success

This makes three people that have three bands working on their TYT TH-UV3R:
"I have a pair the 2m/1.25m versions. I even got the 70cm band unlocked and working. I am just wondering, is the 70cm band putting out the same watts as the 2m/1.25m bands or not? If not, how many watts? Or does anyone know?"
And, if I read all these correctly, the first guys had 2M/440 radios and added 220. The last guy above had a 2M/220 and added 440.

Also, Jay updates to say he gets:
"1.8 watts on 2 m, 1.9 watts 440, and 1.7 watts 220"

Saturday, March 30, 2013

TYT TH-UV3R: Tri-Band

I was reading the TYT USA Yahoo Group and was going to post that the TH-UV3R was getting some love from the group members.

That first post mentioned that the TH-UV3R would do 144/440 and 220. The 220 comment brought on a question and then a couple of replies about making the radio tri-band.

"The mod was done in the factory software. Under setup, then model information, Ijust changed the frequency range. 
Freq range 1 400 - 4702 136 - 1743 200 - 246
Works great.."
"Bryan, it is in tht tyt programing.  Open up the program, read from your radio then go to setup then in the dropdown menu click on model info. You will get a popup box with 4 frequency ranges. The 3rd box has 245 to 246mhz init already but is unchecked. Check the box beside it and change the frequency to your band plan. Be aware this will clear any entries you have already programmed. So be prepared to re-enter your frequencies. 
Good luck,
Barry KF5GC"

A little searching and I see that Sinotel UK is selling it as the "TYT TH-UV3R Tri-Band Handheld Transceiver With Dual Frequency Display."

I had written some about the TH-UV3R and remembered that it was Moleculo's favorite (his review). The eHam reviews are generally favorable, but don't mention tri-banding.

A happy little surprise for Easter.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Chinese Radio Reference

I'm losing track. I'm gonna build a reference list. I'm not sure of the format, but I thought I would link to the manufacturer's website, maybe get pricing, link to my posts about that radio, and then any notes about what made that radio special. Maybe a list like this...

Kight Radio $109.95
409 Shop $105.00
My Posts
Kight Radio $69.95
409 Shop $68.50
My Posts
Radio-Mart tried to make this a tri-bander
Kight Radio $59.95
Import Comm $64.95
409 Shop $51.00
My Posts
Moleculeo's favorite
Kight Radio $89.95
409 Shop $63.00
My Posts

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TYT TH-UVF9: Kight Radio Update and Service

Also from the 03 JUN 2012 update from Kight Radio (his update, but my links):
"The TH-UVF9 is almost ready. It is not full of bugs, there was one little problem that has been solved and that had to do with the Ch Display / Freq Display. If you order one from Hong Kong, you may get the first production run which has that bug. When you order you want to be sure you get the latest production run. One thing Kight Radio will do, if you buy one that has a factory bug, when the new version comes out, we will exchange the radio for you at no charge. We have already done this with a couple customers for the TH-UV3R."
Exchanging an early model radio for a new version is a fantastic service. It takes all the risk out of being an early adopter.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TYT TH-UV3R: Moleculo Review Tread

Review thread here.

moleculo This TYT TH-UV3r 2m/440 is rapidly becoming one of my favorite little HT's . It really is a nice 2 watt radio #hamrMon, Jun 04 16:23:09 from TweetDeck
moleculo The TYT UV3r and Baofeng UV-3r are completely different radios. The TYT is much more refined and has numbered buttons #hamrMon, Jun 04 16:32:55 from TweetDeck
moleculo Just started my review of the fantastic little TYT TH-UV3r 2m/440 micro HT: #hamr (not to be confused with Baofeng)Tue, Jun 05 15:46:46 from TweetDeck

Friday, May 18, 2012

TYT TH-UV3R: Giveaway and Import Communications are at it again. This time they are giving away a TYT TH-UV3R. Click on over for rules and details.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

TYT TH-UV3R: Shipping May 15

Ed will be shipping the TYT TH-UV3R radios beginning May 15. He's got them here for $65 + $7 shipping in red or black. He also mentions that:
"Display will be regular LCD, not dot-matrix.
(Disappointing news; takes away from its coolness factor.)"
I agree with him. Is there anything else (keypad?) that makes this radio standout now?

And early adopters should be aware the specs say (emphasis mine):
"2.5 kHz Tuning Step (this feature will be added to later model)
DTMF -- CTCSS -- DCS (DTMF feature will be added to later model)"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Updates from Kight Radio - TYT and Baofeng

"Great News - The TYT TH-UV3R is in stock and shipping. I have been using one for the past 2 weeks and I love it. The size is about the same size as the Baofend UV3 but construction is much stronger."
 "The New TH-UVF9 Dual Band HT (4 watts) will be available soon. I will have 2 of these to test within the next week and I will update everyone on this new radio. I have pictures posted on this site."
This is the first I've heard of the TH-UVF9. Here is the link to the listing. No price yet on this dual band, dual display 4 W unit. He does mention he will have one at Dayton.

"Baofeng UV5 - They report that the problems have been fixed and shipping the updated ones now. We will wait to test them and then release them to sell at that time. If ordering from other companies you might want to wait until they get rid of their old inventory before ordering."
Amazing how quickly they can respond with fixes. They are getting a lot of free testing from the hams that are early adopters.
"Just in case your wondering, the Baofeng UV5 looks like a TYT radio however it is not. TYT did not sell or mft the radios for them, They simply took TYT's case design and copied it. There have been some questions on who makes the TYT radios for them .... TYT is the MFG!"
I am beginning to think the cases are a core competency for China. They can make copies faster than anyone and in any color you like.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

TYT TH-UV3R: Display and Colors

A quick review on the TYT Yahoo Group... looks like all these Chinese radios are going to be available in colors and I am slightly disappointed it doesn't have the reverse display.
"Noteworthy is the size of the unit is almost identical to the Baofeng UV-3R radios just a little thicker (side by side photos of the Wouxun KG-UVD1, Baofeng UV-5R, TYT and the Baofeng unit). Another photo of the back of the box seems to indicate 4 colors are available. Unlike the brochure photos the display is the standard lcd (not the reverse image as pictured in the ad)."

Monday, April 23, 2012

TYT TH-UV3R: 409Shop

I didn't give any details this morning when I posted the video, but Steve (KF9ZA) sent me the link to the 409Shop listing - so info below. 409Shop has the TH-UV3R for $55 USD. (KightRadio is $69.95 USD. I did not see a price on ImportCommunications, but did notice Ed says it will be available in red.)

Dual Band Radio 136-174 & 400-470 MHz

1. Dual Band 136-174 & 400-470 MHz
2. FM Broadcast Receive
3. Wide Band / Narrow Band
4. 128 Channels
5. 2.5 Watts High Power -- 0.8 Watts Low Power
6. Full Keypad
7. CTCSS  --  DCS
8. USB Chargable Li-ion Battery
9. 1750 Tone
10. Computer Programmable
11. Alpha Name Tags
12. Dimensions (not inc antenna) 3.62 x 1.89 x 0.94 inches
13. Voice/Beep/OFF

TYT TH-UV3R: First Look Video

Do I see a standard USB plug on the side of the TH-UV-3R?

Friday, April 20, 2012


An e-mail from Ed at Import Communications:
"I wanted to inform you on the progress of the TYT radio.  Part of the delay is the original design did not have DTMF tone capability.  This is something I informed TYT was really needed.  They had to manufacture a totally new circuit board to add this, but they did it.  The radios are being assembled right now and the shipment will be made by the end of April.  I'll be the first US dealer with this radio and I'm pretty excited about it.
When the TH-UV3R stock arrives, you will receive another email letting you know it's available to order.
Pretty glad to see he has some influence on the manufacturer.

TYT TH-UV3R: Available Now

Kight Radio has updated their web page and says the TH-UV3R is "available now" with "delivery in 10 days or less."

Import Communications still lists the radio as "coming soon."